Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

This New Year's Eve, cats and kittens in our fosterspaces -- like Roger, who was living in the Liliana Colony at 62nd and Cottage, or Curly, from our Pullman sister site -- await forever homes.

Paulina and Heartie, shy kitties who were living outdoors for probably their whole lives, are inside and learning to love this New Year's Eve. Paulina has an adopter waiting for her, but Heartie still seeks a home.

This New Year's Eve, we remember the kitties we said goodbye to in 2011: Zane, Opus, Reese's Pieces, Duke, Aki, Sophia, Meshi (who died in her adoptive home), 65 and Woodlawn Kitten ... and those who never had a name.

This New Year's Eve, our alley cats are eating ... and not procreating.

This New Year's Eve the kittens we're going to unveil soon are charming their fosterfolks and getting ready to charm potential adopters.

This New Year's Eve, some adoptable cats -- like Orange Cat and Charlotte are outside, waiting for someone to want them.

This New Year's Eve, all the kitties who were adopted from us in 2011 are curling up with their forevermom, or foreverdad, or foreverkids, with the memory of their outdoor life behind them.

This New Year's Eve, homeless cats out on the street are still cold and hungry.

May 2012 bring us many more opportunities to rescue cats, yet fewer cats to rescue.

Friday, December 30, 2011


December is usually our slowest time of year. We scramble for foster homes as our devoted fosterers take a break from their fostering duties to travel for the holidays. And usually there is very little interest in adoptions this time of year.

Something great happened this December -- you could call it a [insert your winter holiday of choice here] miracle. EIGHT kitties found new homes. Yes, readers, if I were more on the ball I would have made this post on the eighth night of Hanukkah! But better late than never.

The starring lineup is:

Octavia and Livia: two of our many current kittens, together!

Grady: whose adopter recently lost an elderly ill kitty.

Shy Paulina, picked out of the Nursing Home colony at 62 and Dorcester: whose adopters asked us to suggest a kitty we had a hard time placing.

Jojo: who got his very own 12 year old boy for Christmas.

Ellison: A 'foster failure' case with a new kittysister.

Paxton, the cat who beat the odds.

and Clark whose adopter and boyfriend TNRed a cat with our help months ago, and so that good deed came back to us when it came time for her to adopt her own kitty.

* * * * * * * * * *

WANT TO MAKE AN END-of-the-YEAR DONATION? Click here to read our FAQ on donating to Hyde Park Cats. We have tax-deductible and non-tax-deductible options.

HUGE THANK YOUs to RECENT DONORS! To Ginny L. and Dan M. for their generous end-of-year donations to our fund at Treehouse, we thank you for funding many TNR surgeries for future kitties. Thanks also to Veronica W. and to Matt M. for donating to our local efforts!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shia (Shy-a) was a starving stray found in the backyard of an apartment building. Despite being allergic to cats, her finder took her in when it became too cold for her to remain outside and named her Shia, which means “follower,” befitting of her sociable nature and tendency to follow her person around from one room to the next. She's a lovely green-eyed girl, about five, and she is always good about using the litterbox and her scratching post. Shia adores playing with feathers and sparkly balls, knows her name, likes to cuddle, and has a genuinely sweet and social personality.

Shia's finder has allergies and we need a home for her! Please help Shia ring in the new year with a purr.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Grady: ADOPTED! Grady wishes everyone a happy happy end-of-Hanukkah/Boxing Day/end of the year!

Thanks to everyone who has made Hyde Park Cats run this year. To our fosterparents, who take such loving care of their charges -- thank you! To our fabulous team of volunteers who do everything from coordinating trips to the clinic to accounting for our money to checking references to setting up adoption events -- thank you! To our adopters, who welcome our cats into their forever homes -- thank you! To the community (businesses like Parkers Pets and 57th Street Books, various University offices, and all the individuals we meet who want to help, and do) in and around Hyde Park and beyond, who support us in so many ways -- thank you! To our donors and readers who sustain us both physically and emotionally -- thank you!

Specific thanks today to Amy and George D., who wrote "Happy Holidays! Thanks for everything you do." Thanks to Yvonne S., whose donation "is in memory of my mom and step dad's beloved kitty, Bella, who passed away this year after a long life as a cherished family member. And thanks to Sherri C.; Julie L.; and Judith D. and Michael C.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy ending update: Ellison

Ellison has found his forever home just in time for the holidays! Forever mom and dad say "We love Ellison (now Balthazar) and his squeaky little meow, the way he stretches his whole body out for a tummy rub, and how quickly he became friends with our other cat, Portia. The two of them love to play-wrestle, sit together by the window, and "help" with research by settling down on stacks of paper or warm laptops. He is a sweet, affectionate, debonair cat (just check out his bow tie), and we're so happy to have him as part of our family!"

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This little calico cutiepie was rescued from one of our numerous alleys. She is only about six or seven months old. Patches has been microchipped, spayed, vaxed, and tested for FIV and FeLV ... and she has such cute little pink jellybean pawpads!!! She says this grumpy face is only because she doesn't know if she will be opening a Hanukkah gift, a Christmas present, or a New Years Eve offering ... in a forever home?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Our friend in cat-rescue Heather S. has worked very hard for the last several years TNRing her South-Side neighborhood of Pullman. Not only does she TNR in her neighborhood, she has pulled multiple friendly cats, such as the majestic Siegel off the streets. In her spare time she "enjoys" rescuing cats from highways.

Heather has a special case she would like some help with, a black kitten named Sofia. Heather writes that "Sofia had trouble walking pretty early on but nobody could figure out what the problem was. She wanted to play so badly but she seemed to be in pain when she would even attempt to walk." Finally a diagnosis has been reached -- this kitten has Rickets, a rare vitamin D deficiency which causes Sofia's bones to be very soft, causing constant painful fractures and deformity. This is treatable and since it was caught early, good news -- but that comes at a cost.

If you would like to support Heather in her excellent work saving cats on the South Side, and help give this kitten a shot at life, please consider The Sofia Chip-in. I know this post catches you at a time when you have already been asked to give to many causes. Please know that small amounts do add up for those of us trying to care for the kitties in our midst.

Sofia is also in need of a forever home, of course. If you feel you are up to the challenge of loving this adorable but special kitty, then perhaps you are in for the happiest holiday of any of us. Contact

Friday, December 16, 2011


Roger has been waiting for his forever home for a long time. This handsome punim belongs in your home, making it more awesome. Apply to adopt him right now.

Still plenty of time to get one of our stocking stuffer/any night of hanukkah emails (you can also buy a paper one at Parkers).

Thanks to Anna F. for the donation and to Janice C. for the towels.


Great news! Yesterday we brought Paxton to be tested for FIV/FeLV, and he is negative for both! Paxton had been discovered in a yard in a crate with another cat, and that cat was discovered to be dying from FeLV. Paxton seemed healthy, so we gave him some indoor fosterhome time before testing him (to rule out any false positives). And he's neg/neg, so this beautiful boy is healthy and ready to be adopted! View the video ... he plays fetch.

Yesterday's group trip to the clinic also included an adult male, Lenny, from the Parkview Katz colony, and a lone kitten, Opus, from that same colony. Opus has a serious eye infection requiring antibiotics. We are keeping him in a volunteer's bathroom for now, but are seeking a foster home or two to help us with our cat overflow. Would you like to make a concrete contribution to goodwill towards ALL this holiday season? Foster a cat!

Thanks to the UC Admissions folks who posted us on their Tumblr. We appreciate the support!

Huge thank-yous to some recent donors: Joanne S., Mike R., and Jennifer P., and to Mary H., who donated to us in honor of Meg Matthews and Bryan Howie. Your donations pay for spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations for street cats and routine care as needed, such as booster shots, for cats in our foster-care system. And thanks to Anna F. for the donation of cat toys (etc.), which I've been giving out to fosterers. Thank you all!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Jojo is a young beautiful male tabby. He was put outside by his owners, and ended up outside the door of one of our feral-cat colony caretakers, where he cried and cried, begging to be brought inside. He is extremely playful, enjoys people, has a bit of a superior attitude towards his fosterdogsister (understandable), and loves to play with his feather stick, and is looking fior a home where he can run and jump and play.

Thanks to recent donors Anne C., Gretchen E., Michael H., and Yoko K. We appreciate your support!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

stocking stuffers/hanukkah gelt

Need a stocking stuffer or small gift for someone for Hanukkah? Donate $5 or $10 (or more, if you like!) anytime this week and I will email you a PDF (printable) stocking stuffer certificate! It will have our logo and be cute. Please specify "stocking stuffer" if paying by Paypal.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Nicole's Service Project

Last week one of our volunteers, Sarah Z., told me that her 8th-grade cousin, Nicole, was undertaking a service project as part of her confirmation. Here is her story!

Sarah writes, "First, we read through information on HPC and Tree House about the importance of TNR and the decline in euthanasias in Chicago since aggressive spay and neuter programs were implemented. Additionally, we went over ways to trap safely and eliminate any physical contact with the cats. Then we set and baited the Tru-Catch traps.

We choose a gangway alongside my garage where I have caught four ferals during the summer. Nicole made sure the traps were set correctly and we sneaked inside the garage and sat against the farthest wall. I made sure the cats could not see us, but that we could hear the traps spring. After an hour, we had not caught any. Nicole rebaited the traps so that they smelled as pungent as possible and we moved them to the yard side of my garage where the ferals sometimes congregate. We then went inside and peered out my glass back door. No luck and then it started raining.

I wanted a hands-on experience for Nicole, so we headed into my basement bathroom where I keep my fosters from PAWS. I had three 6-week-old kittens in there, recovering from being separated from their mom and taken to animal control. Nicole syringe-fed the two who still need formula. She did such a good job... a total natural!"

Nicole herself writes that "what I will remember most about working together with my sponsor on this project was definitely when we were in the garage, waiting for the cats to smell the tuna in the traps. It was fun, also, to set up the traps, knowing that, if we caught one, we'd be helping the cat we caught by making sure that it will have a better chance of surviving after it is returned to the place where we caught it. Once they're spayed, there would be less cats out there, allowing the remaining cats to have enough to survive."

Thanks to Sarah and Nicole for this project. And you know, we've all been there not catching cats in our traps! It's part of the experience. What a great way to spread the TNR message and what a wonderful post for our Monday mornings.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Rosemary update; black kitten needs help

Dog update: Pit bull Rosemary was originally featured on our site here in 2009. She had been abandoned on the major highway of Chicago. We've caught wind of a wonderful update. Enjoy!

We've had a couple sightings of a very small and scared black kitten around 55th and Everett. If you see or even capture this kitten, please let us know immediately. If possible, take the kitten inside and isolate in a bathroom.

Thanks to recent donors James M., Carissa H., Diane H., Diana Z., William M., Marilee W., Davi da S., Rhonda S., and Mark C. and Kim C. We appreciate your vote of support.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Fergus is a very friendly, sweet, and personable medium-haired tabby. Fergus approached Hyde Parkers Devin and Jen one evening near 55th and Cornell, meowing for attention. He had no collar and was quite thin, so they scooped him up and he made his way to us. Thanks to Devin and Jen for bringing him to the vet, too.

Fergus knew he wanted to be a Cat with People, and he's very happy to be inside. He greets fosterpeople at the door with friendly chirping and every time he sees fostermom he acts as though she is most amazing person in the world. He loves to play with string, sit on your lap, and sleep in the crook of your leg. This darling boy belongs with someone who will shower him with affection and appreciate his sweet, good nature. Are you seeking your bestie? Fergus is waiting.

Fergus' fostermom adds: Fergus is such a sweet and loving cat. He loves to cuddle and be around people. Check out some updated photos of him on the facebook page in the available for adoption album!"updated photos

Monday, December 5, 2011

please and thank you


The end of the year is upon us and we are low on funds. If you are reading this post, could you donate even a small amount today? We treasure your support and the fact that donors give what they can. Together we make a big difference! We use donated funds to spay/neuter the cats. But all the cats we take into our adoption program also need follow-up care, such as boosters for vaccines. We have volunteers who have trained to actually administer the vaccine in order to save money, but the vaccine and supplies must still be purchased. Please consider a donation now to help us continue our work into 2012.

There's a few ways you can help us help cats ...

1. Buy a calendar!

Calendars are only $10 and are available in Hyde Park at Parkers Naturals (petstore) or 57th Street Books! While you are at Parkers stick some cash into our donation jar! Or write to to order one online.

2. Donate directly to us via the Paypal button on the side of this website (not tax deductible).

3. Tax-deductible donations can be made via Treehouse. For more information on making a tax-deductible donation, see this FAQ page.

Thank you, readers and donors, for continuing to support us!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Bubbles, aka Bubba, is a very handsome and very awesome cat. He was found drifting around the Parkview Katz colony (51st and Cottage Grove), unneutered and uncollared, although very dapper and fancy looking. He was clearly friendly, desperately wanting into a home. Caretaker Aimee brought him in for vetting and he is currently in our special safe house on campus. Bubbles is neg/neg for viruses, neutered, chipped, and oh so very soft, an unusual tabby pattern and gorgeous green eyes. He has big giant lion feet for making biscuits with, and a big lion head with big jowls. He is responsive to his name, soft, holdable, confident. He is not afraid of dogs, but does not seem to want to share the glory with other cats. He would be the perfect pet for someone seeking calm companionship, a cat who will help you enjoy your holiday cheer. Apply today for some quality snuggling during the chilly weather!


A belated thank you to Joan P. for her Thanksgiving donation. Her note read: "Because I am thankful today for, among other things, all the cats that have enhanced my life over the years. And because I am thankful for people like Hyde Park Cats who are there for kitties in need. Happy Thanksgiving to all!"

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stella and Pond

These two gorgeous kitties are Stella and Pond, a mother and daughter. They were found by Erin, U of C grad student who lived in Pilsen. Just as she was about to graduate and move away, here were these two kitties in need! Did Erin just ignore them? No! She worked her butt off to get these two inside, and now we need forever home or homes for them. Gorgeous Stella the teen mom (she's probably only one year old) is a Russian-blue type who is very friendly and particularly enjoys ear rubs. Black kitten Pond is a playful type who enjoys the cat dancer toy. Although we would prefer to keep this mommy-daughter duo together, we will consider separating them for the right homes.

Many of our fosterparents are going away for the holidays and we are scrambling for placements for our cats. If you're staying put at home over the holidays, this is a great time to welcome a feline companion into your home -- a wonderful gift for yourself and the cat. (However, we do not adopt out cats as gifts for others -- only for yourself/your family.) Please also consider being a foster parent over the holidays! This can be a one-time commitment to help us out as our fosterparents travel. Email to ask about adopting or fostering!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Marcie and Langley/Oscar

Last week Diane H., a long-term TNR person and caretaker of Black and White Cat World, made two interesting catches.

Diane called this black male Oscar ... Oscar turned out to be Langley, neutered in March 2011. He was TNRed as part of the Liliana Colony, which means he roamed from 62nd and Cottage Grove to around 61 and Ellis (crossing Cottage, a very busy street). Diane reports that he has taken over a back-stairs carrier shelter so perhaps he'll stick close to Diane now.

At the same time, Diane finally trapped and spayed Marcie, the last hold-out from the Peanuts gang (around 62/Drexel). Marcie tested neg/neg and had an ovarian cyst which the kind veterinary staff at Treehouse removed (with, you know, the rest of her hysterectomy). Past Peanuts members who were TNRed include Mamico and Naru (he of the funny "Narboo?" video) and Peppermint Patty and Linus.

Diane has been working on this group since the summer of 2010. Marcie had at least two litters of kittens we know of, evading us humans and our silly traps all this time. Here she is with a litter last summer. Diane couldn't catch the kittens and chose not to remove Marcie at that time.

This all goes to show that sometimes TNR is a long-term process. It's also interesting to see cross-over between the colonies! Mazel tov and yasher koach to Diane for sticking with it!

* * * *

Thanks to Maia F. for the litterbox! We do accept donations of pet-related items and if our fosterers/feeders can't use the donation, we will share with another organization.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Roger ... the foodie

Roger is an adorable spunky and frisky young male cat, removed from the Liliana alley, who loves the inside life and who loooves food (cat food, dog food, mangos, burritos, sushi...really anything he sees people eating seems to be fair game0. Besides food, his other love is playtime. He loves playing with string and acts like a feisty, overgrown kitten during playtime. He's also generous with kisses when in a snuggly mood enjoying chin scratches and the occasional tummy rub. His love for food makes him easy to train -- it took him exactly 5 minutes and 5 treats to figure out that the scratching post is waaaaay cooler than the rug. He will also roll on his back and grab your hand and vigorously wash it :) Roger is FIV+, but can lead a long, healthy life in a stable forever home. He's neutered, up to date on shots, and ready to bring the fun and excitement into his furrever home! Roger just had his first Thanksgiving inside, in his loving fosterhome. Wouldn't you love to share the rest of the holidays with this handsome and festive man? Previous Roger posts.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Shamu is an adorable tuxedo gal. She was living outside slightly with her mother ... who, sadly, just failed to appear one day and has not been seen since. Madalyn Z., who had been feeding the duo, picked up Shamu and brought her inside to one of our fosterhomes. Fostermom Ayn says "this cat is, to put it simply, amazing! She is playful, but not mischievous. She has tons of personality and loves to get right up close to you and cuddle. If you talk to her, she'll talk back (actually she just likes to talk in general). It took her a little while to get adjusted, but once she did she became a lot less shy . She will now even allow my friends to hold and pet her. She loves loves treats so if you want to curry her favor, this is the way to do it. She is not moody at all, and would be the perfect cat for a house with children or for students who want a spunky little kitty around the house. This truly is the perfect kitty!" Shamu would be so thankful for a home of her own this holiday weekend. Maybe with a few bites of Thanksgiving dinner?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Siamese cats at AWL

A recent volunteer trip to the intake facility of Animal Welfare League, at 62nd and Wabash, turned up some gorgeous Siamese and mixes. Everytime we visit this facility there are various "fancy" cats, just proving that any type of cat can end up in "the pound." These cats pictured are all very friendly and affectionate and would love a home. The AWL facility does not do direct adoptions. If you are interested in fostering or adopting one of these lovely kittehs, or to learn about joining us one a volunteer trip, write to

Facebook album of some of the cats at AWL.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Clark is a sweet cat who was rescued from the Liliana colony near 62nd off Cottage Grove. He spent the first week inside thinking he was supercat, sitting on top of the linen closet, flying up there any time fostermom came by, and flying down to eat when no one was looking at him. However after another week, he decided people are his favorite play toys and grabs sneakers and hugs them every time fostermom comes over. He's very conversational as well and loves to chase his jingle toys. Just toss them and he's leaping right after them. He is also very curious and even managed to turn on the faucet on the sink. What a smart little guy! He's still not totally comfortable with being picked up and, like many cats, is initially nervous around new people. Once you give him a chance to see you're not a big meanie, he'll be hugging your shoes too and demanding pets and playtime. He's neutered and ready to go home today!

Thanks to Mike H. and James M. for their regular donations!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Grady video

Grady caught on video

Grady is a handsome orange and white rapscallion seeking a furrever home!

loose dog alert

Alert: small brown dog running around 53rd and Drexel. Friendly, has been sighted for about a week. No collar, harness, tags.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Curly is an ultra-friendly kitty from the Pullman neighborhood (to our south), where we have a TNR partner. He is very, very happy to finally be inside! Curly has been fixed and vaccinated and is FIV+. FIV+ cats can live long contented lives and can be integrated into a household with FIV- cats with no problem. He is extremely sweet and vocal and has a curly tail which curls up tightly like a piggies - so much so that we almost wonder if he is some sort of curly-tailed kitty breed -- these photos don't quite capture it. Curly had to belong to someone at some point as he loves people, but has been on the streets for at least a couple of years. He is about four years old and ready for a furrever home. If you've been looking for someone special, Curly is here for you!

Thanks Elke for the food donation!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Lucy is a darling young girl, about nine months old. She was found by the same caring community member who found Heartie, and I have to wonder if they're related. Lucy is the most petite little thing and when found she was very pregnant, poor baby. She's neg/neg, spayed and vaccinated. She loves to cuddle in a basket and flop around for petting; her favorite thing is to hop into her basket and make a batch of biscuits and purr. Purr purr purr.

Meanwhile, Heartie, pictured above left, is still in a foster home. She is really in love with her orange companion there, who doesn't reciprocate. She should be placed in a home with another cat, preferably a people-friendly older male cat.

Thank you Gretchen for watching out for these kittehs.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Paxton is the cat who was in the crate with Duke a cat I wrote about last month. We're not really sure how this happened, but Duke and Paxton had been put out in a yard in a crate and abandoned there. Poor Duke was in very bad shape and had to be humanely euthanized after a last day of love. But in the silver lining, his cratemate Paxton turned out to be a healthy and active male. Paxton loves playing fetch with the teddy bear; he also loves to snuggle and purr loudly with his fosterparents. He loves not being in a crate!

Friday, November 4, 2011

South Chi Mama and Kittens: part II


Over the past week, Mercedes found one of the kittens and then the last one shortly after. All four kittens were placed into a trap, but the mama cat just sniffed at the kittens and didn't want to come home with us. Fostermom Erika says that "the kittens are super cute and super rambunctious! I named them Marcus, Octavia, Livia, and Marcus. Each of the kittens has their own distinct personality already. Aurelia is always the first to run up to me. Livia, who started out as the grumpy one, has turned into the cuddler. She always wants to be held or is trying to perch on my shoulder. Octavia likes to be pet, but she's still rather aloof and prefers to chase her brother and sisters and wrestle with them. Marcus is a bit of a bruiser! He loves to wrestle with Octavia and Aurelia, but always jumps on/climbs up my leg when he wants cuddles. All four of them love to have their bellies tickled and will roll over on their back so you can tickle them. They love to play and are like a mini herd of bison, thundering around their room!"

Sadly, the wily mama cat still eludes the trap but we are very happy that the kittens are safe and warm as winter approaches. Apply now for kitten satisfaction later!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lola (dog day)

Dog Day Thursday post. Stop by this Saturday (11/5) at Parker's from noon til three to meet beautiful Lola and a few adoptable puppies. Lola, pictured above, is a two year old cutie pie who fits in very well with the urban life. She is unfazed by city noises (traffic, sirens, trains, etc) and isn't a barker. She likes other dogs but really LOVES people and would do best in an active home that would give her plenty of both active and mental stimulation. Lola is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, heartworm tested, and ready to go home today. She likes to give stealth kisses! To find out more about adopting Lola or another pibble, visit Parkers for this adoption event or see Chicago Land Bully Breed Rescue.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy ending update: Talullah

Talullah as a foster kitty

Talullah as a forever kitty

Talullah was my very own foster kitty ... I had her from March until right before Rosh Hashanah (several weeks ago). In my home she went from being a kitten to being a cat. Even though she is so beautiful and funny, no potential adopters showed any interest in her at all.

Then the right adopter came along. Julie's older cat had recently died and her younger cat needed a playmate. Julie understood the special needs of the shy cat and even though Talullah was not particularly cooperative on Julie's first visit ... Julie took her home. It was a bittersweet day in our household.

Julie writes that "Tallulah adjusted very quickly to our home! Within the first week she was out and about and investigating new lounging spots and our other cat, Ernie. After almost a month, "Lulah" and Ernie are the best of friends. They chase each other through the house sounding like elephants, nap together, and wrestle and groom each other too.

Tallulah is also a big softie for belly rubs and chin scratches, and has become a lot less shy around hands - we can usually reach down to pet her and after an initial jump she'll sniff fingers and then purr LOUDLY for a back scratch. She goes crazy for catnip and loves the laser pointer... We are so happy that we can give her a forever home! Thanks to her fostermom for keeping her with love for so long until we found her :)"

You're welcome Julie! We are so happy that Lulah found the perfect home and we know she'll being you years of happiness. Happy Life, TALULLAH!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Grady is a friendly and independent cat, yet a bit timid from his time outside--he would do best in a calm home that is willing to give him time to adjust. Fostermom Laura says that "Grady likes to be in the same room as the people in the house, but is not a lap cat. Instead he prefers to be watching what's happening from the sidelines. I can pick him up without problems, but he usually does not like to be snuggled for too long. Grady occasionally will approach me to ask for a few pets, but then goes about his own business.

Grady is very playful and humorous to watch. He is often rolling and chasing his ball around, doing laps around the apartment, and jumping from one piece of furniture to the next. He is extremely energetic!

Grady is great for someone who does not want a lap cat, and prefers a cat who is very independent and easy to take care of. He has no problem with the litter box and entertains himself." He's a sweet little guy who took a chance on coming in from the cold. He's neutered, vaccinated, neg/neg, and ready for a furrever home!

Monday, October 31, 2011


Trick or treat! Tasha is a mischevious and playful kitty. She LOVES to play fetch with her pink sparkle ball. The best part is getting her to leap up in the air by tossing it really high--she can really jump! Lately (since it's been getting cold out), she's been curling up on my bed and sleeping with me all night; I think she really appreciates having a warm, safe home to sleep in. Give yourself--and Tasha--a treat and apply to adopt this delicious little gal today! Previous Tasha post.

She's getting a little winter chubb on her, but it compliments her nicely and her fur is so so soft!

Friday, October 28, 2011

South Chi Mama and Kittens: part I

We were asked to help with a semi-feral young mama cat who had four kittens this past week in South Chicago. Like many kittens born on the street though, the kittens quickly came down with an upper respiratory infection. Volunteers Ainat and Meng went to check out the situation. They saw four adorable kittens with gunky eyes, but had to leave without trapping Mamacat. Two days later, Erika and Meng went to try to find the kittens while the mama cat was trapped under a bed. A neighbor told them that the kittens were in their pipes and it was too late that day to try to get them out of there. The mama cat was released to nurse her kittens. Days later, Mercedes, who had been feeding the mama cat. called saying that two of the kittens had been found -- and she even managed to lure the mama cat inside her home! Erika and Meng scooped up the two kittens but couldn't find the remaining two so the mama cat was released once again!

That's the way the trapping cookie crumbles sometimes.

Fostermom Erika reports that the kittens are doing very well. We are very happy that the two kittens are under our care and are safe now as winter approaches, and we will keep trying to get the other kittens and to TNR Mama cat. Special thanks to Mercedes for feeding/caring for the mama cat and kittens and Erika who drove a bunch of times in pursuit of these kittehs.

Thanks to recent donors Robert W. ("dad"), Mike R., and Emma B., who donated in memory of Xavier.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Kitty is a pleasingly plump adult female tabby. She was the beloved pet of a senior lady who had to move to an assisted living facility that did not allow pets. Fostermom Carol says that "Kitty is so adorable. She likes to headbutt your face and beg for a good tickling. She's a very calm and placid cat. While she's not a hundred percent lap cat, she always stays, sits, or lies down besides you no matter where you are. She's a very companionable cat!" Kitty is spayed, neg/neg, up to date on shots and ready to go home today. Previous Kitty post.

Thanks to the members of Hyde Park Village who donated towards Kitty's care and upkeep.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


2012 Hyde Park Cats calendars is now available. Get yours locally at Parker's at 1342 E. 55th Street.

Need a calendar mailed? Email your desired quantity and address to One calendar $15; please let us know if you need more than one and/or are out of the country. We will contact you about the additional cost for shipping and handling; payment can either be made online via Paypal or we will provide a snail-mail address for checks.

Please remember if paying via Paypal to indicate "calendar."

Found: tiny dog

Last night a community member found a small dog, probably a yorkie, in the alley at Everett and 55th Street. No collar or tags. The little guy/girl put up a bit of a chase but thanks to Beth N. and Kim M. it was caught and spent the night in a dogcrate instead of running in and out of traffic on 55th Street. This morning the dog was taken to Animal Welfare League on 62nd and Wabash; no microchip was found on scan. If you or anyone you know is missing their tiny dog, please head over to AWL immediately!

Thanks Mary R. for the towels and food!

Monday, October 24, 2011


At the very end of September we brought a tired, skinny, dirty male cat to Treehouse for his medical package. Duke had found his way to Megg, one of our volunteers. It seems that Duke's "owner," in South Shore, had put Duke and another cat out in the yard in a crate and then taken off for good. The neighbors couldn't take in these kitties but managed to get word to Megg, who picked them up. Poor Duke was in rough shape, positive for both FIV and FeLV, and the vet thought he also had the intestinal cancer that FeLV positive cats tend to get. Treehouse staff spent the day spoiling him, but he was euthanized after that last day of love. As Laura S., our medical-care coordinator, said, we are so glad he found his way to us so that he didn't suffer alone outside. Thank you to Megg for bringing him in and giving him love and affection at the end of what seemed to be a life of neglect.

Duke's cratemate is a healthy young male. More info shortly.

Thank you to recent donors Veronica W., Megan M., and Mike H.! Your donations keep us in spay/neuter money and also provide a humane death for cats like Duke.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mamacats and kittens: Autumn cornucopia!

This week we were asked to help with three different mamas and three different litters! With a lot of coordination and maneuvering we hope to be able to absorb all three groups (more or less). We would love to hear from people who want to help!

One volunteer spent the last rainy and windy nights trapping a mom and kittens. The above picture is of the garage where one group of kittens is living. Below is a picture of one kitten inside a carrier. He is now safe and warm.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Roger is still waiting for his forever home.

Roger is a handsome orange fellow with long whiskers. He loves to play and would like a forever home with a person willing to indulge his play habits (dangle a string, throw a sparkle ball, etc.). He has been fostered with a dog and enjoys the dog; he came from an outdoor colony and so should also be fine with other cats. Roger has FIV, a chronic condition that does not typically influence a cat's long-term health.

Roger vs. the olive (video)

Roger was living in an alley at 62nd and Cottage Grove when we found him. We couldn't leave that adorable face outdoors! But he's been waiting for his forever home for quite a while now. If you're looking for a frisky, spunky, loving orange companion, please consider Roger.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Recently we received a distress call about a cat who was being kept in a crate in a yard in South Shore. Could we help? Nancy and Paula made the trek, and they found a friendly but elderly and emaciated tuxedo cat (the vet later estimated him to be 13 or 14). We believe that he was trapped in an apartment after his owner died. Eventually, someone dumped him outside, and he ended up in the yard in a crate where he was being fed dog food. Xavier had many problems in addition to malnutrition. At some point in the past, he had a horrible and botched declaw job that left him with partial toe pads, so he was not able to walk correctly. In addition, he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, partial kidney failure, anemia, and a urinary tract infection. After he came to us, he had a bad reaction to his medication and continued to lose weight.

Tree House Humane Society admitted Xavier last week and worked valiantly to help him. A volunteer was ready to offer him a hospice home, but Xavier took a turn for the worse. He died in the loving arms of the Tree House staff rather than on the street or locked up in a crate in a yard, and for that we are so thankful. Xavier’s situation fits Tree House’s mission to care for stray cats with special physical and emotional needs. But nonetheless it was a remarkable commitment that few humane organizations would undertake.

We don’t like to think about our work with desperately needy cats like Xavier in terms of dollars and cents, but the stark reality is that a cat like Xavier is extremely expensive to care for. Please consider a gift to Hyde Park Cats to help underwrite some of Xavier’s expenses by using the PayPal button. In addition, please consider making a tax-deductible gift directly to Tree House in Xavier’s memory. Any gift helps Tree House continue their mission of caring for ill and injured cats like Xavier.

Gifts to Tree House in memory of Xavier and to support their mission of caring for cats with special needs should be sent to:
Dave DeFuniak, Executive Director, Tree House Humane Society, 1212 W. Carmen, Chicago, IL 60640.

Special thanks to Nancy and Paula for all their love and care in bringing Xavier in from the street and giving him a loving foster home. Thanks to Norah O'D for her generous contribution.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Endings

Some happy endings today!

Elphie was just a kitten living outside when she was found. Adopted! Forevermom and dad write that "Elphie, now Charlotte, is getting along just fine with the rhythm of our home. She’s feisty, independent, loyal, and just plain great to have around. Thanks to all that made our union possible!"

Two of our beautiful boys, Nero and Tabe, were adopted -- together! They were adopted by a family with two boys who decided that they had room in their home and their hearts for not just one cat but two. Forevermom Sarah writes that the dynamic duo "are doing great and we are really enjoying their company! They were comfortably together by day two, and they have been playing, resting together, and grooming each other ever since. We still have not fully settled on names, so we call them Big Brother and Little Brother, which does seem to capture their relationship. They are getting plenty of love in this home and seem to take it all in stride. They also enjoy watching the fish!"

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lost cat

Gato is missing

Stella and Pond

Stella and Pond are an adorable mommy and daughter pair. They were originally found on the street in Pilse by Erin, a University of Chicago student. She was graduating and moving within days, but went the extra mile of saving these two kittehs and getting them into a fosterhome with us. Stella (gray) is relaxed and cuddly, a purring lap cat. She will push her head into your hands if you stop petting her. Pond (black) is less than a year old, adventurous and playful, -- of course she has her cuddly moments too. They love to play with each other, cuddle, and are a lovely pair. They both spayed, up to date on shots, and ready for their forever home today!

Zumba for kitties tonight! 7 pm at Nichols Park.