Friday, November 4, 2011

South Chi Mama and Kittens: part II


Over the past week, Mercedes found one of the kittens and then the last one shortly after. All four kittens were placed into a trap, but the mama cat just sniffed at the kittens and didn't want to come home with us. Fostermom Erika says that "the kittens are super cute and super rambunctious! I named them Marcus, Octavia, Livia, and Marcus. Each of the kittens has their own distinct personality already. Aurelia is always the first to run up to me. Livia, who started out as the grumpy one, has turned into the cuddler. She always wants to be held or is trying to perch on my shoulder. Octavia likes to be pet, but she's still rather aloof and prefers to chase her brother and sisters and wrestle with them. Marcus is a bit of a bruiser! He loves to wrestle with Octavia and Aurelia, but always jumps on/climbs up my leg when he wants cuddles. All four of them love to have their bellies tickled and will roll over on their back so you can tickle them. They love to play and are like a mini herd of bison, thundering around their room!"

Sadly, the wily mama cat still eludes the trap but we are very happy that the kittens are safe and warm as winter approaches. Apply now for kitten satisfaction later!

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