Friday, May 31, 2013

Gray Boy

Meet Gray Boy. After a year of being fed in a Hyde Park backyard, he finally allowed himself to be trapped. Despite taking his sweet time with coming inside, he's a friendly boy currently staying at the vet's office for a couple days around his neutering. Stay tuned for the next steps, when we unveil a real name and some handsome pictures.


Cello is a sweet, handsome boy who loves to play and relax with you. He's not a lap cat, but he loves to be around people at all times, and will follow you from room to room and snuggle up at your feet. He's a great self-entertainer (and a good people-entertainer, too) -- one of his favorite pastimes is madly trying to catch his tail. He's also a bug-destroyer extraordinaire; you will never find another fly in the house. He loves meeting new people and adapts to new environments very well, although he isn't a big fan of other cats. He's the opposite of picky about food and is very happy just eating dry food. Cello is a fast and constant companion!

Cello is chipped, vaxed, neutered, and looking for that purrfect furrever home.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kittens in a box

Kittens in a box left at our local vet's office = special delivery for my kids!

Thanks to recent donors James M. and Juliet H S. and Paula S. -- we will keep up the good work, Paula!

Lucille is waiting

Lucille is a chatty, friendly, curious, darling young girl who was rescued from a hoarding situation.. she has been waiting a long time for a furrrrever home. Can you help us find one for her? 

Previously, on "The Lucille Show."

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Described most recently by his sitters as "suspiciously friendly" and by the vet as "structurally sound", Whimsey is arguably all of this and so much more. Everyone says their cat is friendly, but Whimsey may actually have them all beat: he quickly acclimated to his new home with his new fostermom, greeting her at the door whenever she came home, then riding on her shoulders with a strange mixture of apathy and intrigue. When it gets cold, he sleeps by she pillow and would wake her up by nuzzling her face or rubbing her feet.  Loving enough to make you suspicious he's even feline and with a fluff BMI that's off-the-charts, Whimsey is a friend to anyone and everyone within a fifty mile radius.

Whimsey was a past HPCat who was returned to us because of life's vagaries. He is eager and ready for a furrrrrrever home and has proven himself as the Cat of All Fabulousness. Apply to adopt him by emailing

Friday, May 24, 2013


Hall is a verrrrry handsome and playful playboy of a cat. He's young, he's hip, he's handsome, he knows it. He wants to play ... with you. And a string. Or a ball. He also wants you to gaze at him and murmur sweet nothings to him, like "does hims want to play" and "isn't hims hanpsom boy." Yes, I asked him and that's what he said.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Izzy was rescued from an alley behind CVS on 53rd St. in Hyde Park in late April. Dehydrated and severely emaciated, she was admitted immediately to the vet. The vet estimated her to be 9 months old; she hit their scales at only a few pounds ... but with some vet care and lots of love and groceries from her foster mom, Izzy is making a comeback.

She is gaining weight gradually and consistently. She loves tummy and chin rubs -- ideally at the same time. She purrs and rubs and rolls, but can often be found just sitting on her pillow, smiling. She's so glad to be loved and cared for.

Izzy has tested neg/neg. She is a sweet and gentle little girl and very keen to play with her foster kitty sibs, so would be a lovely addition to a household with a resident cat. Please apply to adopt Izzy by emailing

Thanks to recent donors James M. and Mike H. (of COURSE) and also to Christine P., who sent in a donation to mark the two-year "gotchaversary" of Winston (once up a time, Templeton).  Thanks, donors. We do not receive any grants or any other forms of income. Your dollars go directly to veterinary care for our charges.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ms. Moustachio is waiting

Ms. Moustachio. CUTE. ADORABLE. FUNNY. PLAYFUL. FABULOUS. Matches everything. Seeking a furrrrever home!

Monday, May 20, 2013



we have many wonderful 

and adorable

sweet and friendly

cats available for adoption!

Please help us get them adopted!

* * * * *

Giant, major, huge, enormous thanks to recent donor Che N. 
Che made a very generous donation to our ear-tipped fund ... oops, I mean ear-marked fund! ... at Treehouse Humane Society, where we have all our cats spay/neutered, vaccinated, etc. Because Treehouse is a 501(c)(3) organization, your donations to our special fund there (used only for the purposes of Hyde Park Cats) is tax-deductible! So donate your moneys!


Cullerton was one of our many stray cats who just defy logic -- how can such a sweet and wonderful kitty find itself homeless? Cullerton was deemed "the best beginner cat" and "the cat for everyone" by his fosterparents, and immediately loved by those who saw him and experienced his incredibly loving and laidback personality--so it is no surprise that he got scooped up! He is already carrying out the part of being his new four year old human's first (and best) cat with aplomb. Have a life as sweet as you are, Cully!

Thanks to everyone for getting Cullerton from the streets to a new home so quickly. 

Friday, May 17, 2013



If you are looking for a great companion and someone to keep you company, Diamond  is your girl. She is very quick to warm up to anyone who wants to give her some pets, and is very gentle. Although she came into our adoption program as a stray, she has done wonderfully as an apartment cat. She likes to talk just to say hi and is very content chasing around a mousie or shoe string to entertain herself. Her purr can be heard on the other side of a door most of the time and she accepts all the love you can dish out! Diamond (or Cassie, as her fostermom calls her) also does a few quirky things that never fail to make her fostermom laugh, like laying in the window sill for a long time with her tushie showing, or laying on her back and kneading the air. She is a wonderful friend!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Monika and Bond are waiting

Monika and Bond are a bonded brother-sister pair awaiting a furrever home. These sibs are about a year old. Fostermom writes that they are sweet, enjoy petting, and are quiet and well-behaved kittehs who enjoy the company of other cats. They must be adopted together and promise you a lifetime of attractive and sweet kitty love!  Please email today!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Brian is waiting

Brian's superstar fostermom writes:

"Brian lives by a play hard, purr hard philosophy. He is a very active teenage boy, who loves running around, chasing after toys, and watching birds from the window. He's recently begun playing fetch, dropping his toys on my lap and then, after I toss them across the room, he'll take off to retrieve them. He's super curious and always finds a way to amuse himself. And while he is an intelligent, independent cat, Brian is very social and loves to have a partner in his mischief. When he is done playing and chasing after things, he will jump up on my lap and nuzzle me. I never can say no to his adorable requests for affection (sometimes he'll pull my hand in toward him with his paw to prompt an ear-scratching). Afterward, he'll cuddle up next to me on the couch and sleep. 

Brian's got it all: supermodel looks, kooky cat antics, sweet temperament. He's a total catch."
Email to adopt Brian today!

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Pandora is a cute (as you can see) lovely lass who was found recently outside on the west side of Hyde Park. We never even got to post this cutie for adoption because her fostermom decided she couldn't do without her. Happy life, PANDORA!

Fluffers McFlufferson aka Kabocha, now Pishi

We met Fluffers McFlufferson at AWL a couple months ago, when yours truly went to pick out some foster kittens. This fluffy litte kitteh was all by himself ... but a new fosterer stepped up to get him out of his cage and info a foster home ... 

Unfortunately Fluffers McFlufferson hit a bit of a rough spot as a foster kitten ... 

            And had to become a foster failure. Happy life, FLUFFERS McFLUFFERSON! 


Rosario is a sweet cat with a lot of love to give.  She was found as a stray living in an abandoned house surviving in the rubble.  A kind community member trapped her and HPCats helped get her vet care. 

One of our coordinators took  Rosario into her home to see how she’d do on the inside.  Rosario was very scared  but with lots of love and patience, her sweet purrsonality has emerged!

Rosario needs a safe and stable environment after her life on the streets, so we are seeking a quieter, calm home.  She gets along with other cats and loves to cuddle.  We don’t know how long she was outside, but her trust in people improves daily.  She loves to be pet, really loves her food, and likes to play. She is litterbox savvy, chipped, vaxed, spayed, and looking for a home of her own. Apply to adopt this beautiful girl by emailing

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Alex is an affectionate, sweeeeeet, and well-behaved young male cat seeking a home. 

Alex was found on Route 57.  He was trapped on a hillside, close to the highway, and could not get off the hillside because it was fenced off at the top.  Possibly he was dumped out of a car. Kind Christine W. stopped her car and scooped him up.  He purred and happily rode on the dashboard of her car, where it was warm, the entire way home to Hyde Park!

Alex is a big, black, neutered male with a teeny bit of white under his chin on his neck.  He is about two years old and is very sweet and affectionate.  He is not a picky eater -- so far he likes Iams dry and Fancy Feast canned, any flavor.  He has been hanging out in a bathroom for two weeks, getting used to stuff, while we try to place him in a foster home. He likes to sit on his towel and on his kitty bed, as well as in the bathroom sink.  He loves company.

He was obviously someone's pet at one time ... he has his claws but is a gentleman with them. He uses a scratching post and has excellent litterbox habits. He loves to play with people as well as with his catnip strawberry and his fuzzy toys. Email to meet him and fall in love.