Tuesday, January 29, 2013

JJ is waiting

You wouldn’t guess that JJ was a former streetcat. After some initial shyness, this three- or four-year old black cat has opened up into a big ol’ sweetheart. JJ has a lot of personality, and enjoys being around people. He will seek you out to catch some nuzzles or take a nap on your desk while you work. Although a little bit on the rotund side, he is always happy to bat at a toy mouse or dangling string. He is neutered and FIV+, and has lots of love to give.

See some previous posts about JJ (and his friend Reginald, who has found a home) here and here.

Here is more information about FIV, and how adopting an FIV+ friend is often no different from a cat without it!


Please contact us at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com to meet JJ.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Justin-time update

"Fowler" in his forever home today.

Fowler was known to us as Justin ... as in 'just in time to escape the blizzard of 2011.' 

What a difference two years (and about ten pounds) makes ... we love you Justin!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sahara and Sheba (update)

Sheba was adopted into one of our alumnus' home -- she has joined Sahara, who was adopted from us about a year ago.

Furrrrever mom writes to us that Sheba, now Cleo, "is doing great! She's completely comfortable in her new home, and she and Sahara are fully integrated after only a week. They like to play together--they tackle each other and wrestle together, and they also cuddle and clean each other." Apparently there are many disagreements about who is going to clean whom first, LOL.

Original post on Sheba.

Both these black beauties came from the same general area ... maybe they're fur-real brother and sister! Whatever the case, they have a sibling/friend for life. Thanks wonderful adopters!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lily and Rosie

Lily and Rosie were named by two of our young volunteers after their former daycare playmates -- sister pairs all! Kitty Lily and Kitty Rosie are more than sisters' they're also friends and we require that they be adopted together. Rosie is a confident and self-sufficient tortie; Lily is a soft-spoken and sweet tiger. They're both cuddly, but Lily will lounge away an afternoon in your lap while her sister is busy hunting her toys.

We met Lily and Rosie at the December volunteer day at the Animal Welfare League. Two kittens in a cage in a room of kittens in cages, they caught my eye as a cute mismatched pair. They are about two months old, spayed and microchipped and tested (neg/neg). Interested parties must be prepared to prove to fosterkids that kittens will be going to a wonderful home.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Updates: Egypt and Veronica

We love updates from adopters and today we have lovely updates on two recent alumnas: Egypt and Veronica.

Egypt's back story. And her update: "She's doing fantastic and has really settled into her role as queen of the apartment. Whenever I read on my bed she hops up and makes herself comfortable on top of me and insists that I pay attention to her rather than the book I'm reading. She's also recently discovered that the 'magical' computer screen moves. I don't know why I bother buying her toys when she can spend hours batting at the mouse icon, or the automatically updating facebook news feed haha. She's such a sweetie and never fails to make me smile after a long day at work ...   Thanks so much for the opportunity to adapt such a pretty little girl. You do a fantastic service both for these little guys without a home and to the lucky owners who get to take them home :) Keep up the good work!"

Veronica's back story. And her update: "She's doing very well - it didn't take her long at all to adjust to her new home and she seems very comfortable. I've renamed her Smoochy because she's so affectionate -- she has the adorable habit of pressing her nose to my nose when I pet her."

Awww -- Smoochy! HAPPY LIFE, EGYPT and SMOOCHY-onica!!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Brian is waiting

Brian’s a clever, energetic boycat. With his orange creamsicle coat, bright white bib and adorable white socks, he is a handsome young buck—and he knows it! Brian lacks not for swagger. He’s athletic and would be very happy spending all day batting at his toy balls, chasing after lasers, and leaping for feather flyers. He is incredibly playful and likes to have a partner-in-crime, but he’s also good at amusing himself. Brian’s brain is as active as his body: he’s a very curious kitty, always sniffing around for something new to play with. He loves sitting on windowsills, watching the birds perched on tree branches and the people walking below. And while Brian’s very spunky, he’s got a soft side, too. Fostermom says "Every time I come home, he greets me with a meow and a solid 5 minutes of nuzzling. He likes to do little figure-8s around my feet and loves nothing more than a little pet on the nose and a good scratching behind the ears. Often he’ll march up to me when I’m reading in bed and plop himself right in front of my book as if to say, ‘ahem, shower me with love, please.’ Then when he’s satisfied, he’ll curl up at the foot of my bed and fall asleep."

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lucille says thanks

Introducing our first kitty from the South Side overcrowding situation we are working on: Lucille. Lucille acclimated quickly to life without 41 feline housemates. She is active, friendly and chatty. She was named by her foster mom in honor of her gift for physical comedy. Her antics include running around the room in circles while awkwardly toting the the door-hanging cardboard scratching post, including under and around the couch and having episodic full-body battles with the edge of the rug. We think she was very excited to have space to roam!

A special call-out today to some end-of-year donors. 

To Linda W-I, thank you so much! To Judith D. and Michael C., thank you for helping us help even more kitties. To Yoko K., we thank YOU for YOUR endless care and love of our darling alum, Tapioca. To Yvette S., mille grazie and we hope Kitty and Pops are bringing you and yours much joy. To Bela H., what can we say to those who donate not only their time and their expertise but also their cash -- but thank you.

And to Dan M., thank you for the very generous gift made via our our special tax-deductible donation program at Treehouse Humane Society's low-cost (and high-quality) spay/neuter clinic. By donating directly to our spay/neuter fund at the clinic, you make our lives easier and our dollars go even further -- and you get a benefit too. See this FAQ for more information.

To all who gave their money, time, care, and help to our cause in 2012 -- thank you. The unspayed and uncared for kitties who will benefit thank you too. In the last several years, using only your donated dollars and our volunteers' time, we have found furrever homes for over 300 cats and spay/neutered not only those but many more. May 2013 bring more neutering, more love, and fewer homeless cats.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Vincent! Found filthy and emaciated on the streets of Hyde Park, Vincent is now seeking a furrever home. He is being fostered by his finder, Nyameche. Nyamech says "one of my roommates just bought him a feathered toy that makes bird tweeting noises. He loves it! He played with it nonstop for about half an hour." Vincent is a young male with lots of energy ... and lots of love!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Eevie and Hampton

Hampton and Eevie were living in a no-man’s land behind a garage and next to a fence at the end of an alley. Their home was a pile of discarded wood and chunks of concrete. Caring people trapped them in early November and have turned them into sweet house cats. Hampton is a beautiful cream tabby with pale gold rings on his tail. Weighing about 6.5 pounds, he is a confident boy who loves his treats and never scratches. Eevie is a pretty soft gray color with a pale gray spot on her nose. She is a little shy but is willing to sit in laps and be petted. Eevie, who weighs about five pounds, is bold with her brother! These two are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thank you Ginny!

A special call-out today to our long-standing volunteer and friend, GINNY L. Ginny gave a very generous end-of-the-year gift for Hyde Park Cats -- thank you Ginny! The homeless kitties thank you from the bottom of their unspayed little hearts!

Ginny used our special program that allows donors to make tax-deductible donations earmarked for the exclusive use of Hyde Park Cats at Treehouse Humane Society's low-cost (and high-quality) spay/neuter clinic. By donating directly to our spay/neuter fund at the clinic, you make our lives easier and our dollars go even further -- and you get a benefit too.

To make a tax-deductible contribution, please send a check to:
Tree House Humane Society Bucktown Branch
ATTN: Doug Stoltzfus
1629 North Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622

Checks should be made out to Tree House Humane Society with Hyde Park Cats designated in the memo line. These donations will be used directly toward spay, neuter and vaccination veterinary services for Hyde Park Cats ferals and friendlies. Please note that to be credited to the Hyde Park Cats account, donations must be sent exactly as specified above.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December adoption round up

While December was a slow month for adoptions -- the lovely Veronica did find a home! And it was an absolutely outstanding month for foster failures - long timers OCee and  Olive were finally adopted this month when their fosterers decided they could not let them go. Chapelle was also adopted in November by her fosterers.

We'll leave you with two updates of adoptions that happened earlier this year. ANNIE was adopted  in October and Bastete was adopted in June. We love to hear happy-ever-after stories so please send in your photos of HPC alumni.

Annie's furever mom  --pictured above with Annie -- says "She's really great, we are totally in love with her.  She's so curious and playful, she's exploring every corner of her new home. She's been super friendly and sweet with us right away. We're really happy to have this bellissima gatta!" Happy life, ANNIE,  now ANITA!

Meanwhile we hear that "Bastete AKA Porkchop (below) is doing fantastic!  She is such a great kitty who has put joy into my heart everyday. She is still VERY much a cuddler and will take a nap in anyones lap in any position!  My other cat and her get along great! They play often and wrestle in a very friendly manner.  I even catch them often snuggling themselves :) She is still very vocal in the cutest way possible and will often answer questions you will ask her. Thanks so much for taken this kitty in and given her all she needs!  She has grown up to be an amazing pet."

Thanks to everyone on our adoption team, including fosterparents, vet-care coordinator Laura, foster coordinator Julie, reference-checker Marilee, adoption counselors, Treehouse drivers, and Adoption Coordinator Ainat -- SEVENTY SIX CATS FOUND THEIR FURREVER HOMES through Hyde Park Cats in 2012. 

Mazel tov to all the new families and we look forward to creating more new families in the coming year.