Friday, November 30, 2012

Piglet and Igor

Adopt them.

Thanks James M. for the donations! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Zimmerman is waiting

Zimmerman's favorite spot

Stalking his nemesis

Perched high above the crowd

Super classy tuxedo guy!
Zimmerman is all dressed up and ready for someone to take him home! He is a 4-5 year old tuxedo male cat, with adorable white paws and a white tipped tail. After only a few days in his foster home, he was already comfortable with every lap in the house. If you are looking for a cat to cuddle with on those cold winter nights, he's your man. He loves nothing more than to find a lap to sit on and people to pet him...except maybe for chasing his toy mice nemeses. He is quick to chase a laser and pounce into and out of bags, boxes, and beds. He likes to pretend he's a dog and follow you around from room to room waiting for a lap to appear or food to be ready. He's fascinated with the squirrels outside and loves to spend his mornings sitting in windows watching their every move.

See our previous posts on Zimmerman here and here.  Won't you help get him home for the holidays?  Email today to meet Zimmerman!!

Monday, November 26, 2012


Dame Judi Dench in her favorite position

Dame Judi Dench - or Judi, for short - came to us from a local volunteer after her husband noticed Judi repeatedly visiting his shop, looking for food and affection.  She had a fracture in her elbow and was clearly not prepared for this life outdoors. We attempted to contact her previous owner, but no one showed up to claim her.  Now, Judi is looking for a happy home of her own where she won't have to worry about being put out any longer!

Judi is a super affectionate cat, and she loves humans - her foster family, strangers, children - basically anyone she meets!  Her first foster home had other cats, whom she didn't seem to want to get to know.  She spent most of her time there snuggled up to foster parents on the couch, snoozing, and enjoying warm indoors and steady meals.  Current foster family has several small children, and Judi has been doing fantastic with them.  They write, "We really love Judi - she seems to have settled in really well, and she is so affectionate, playful, gentle with the children and just a joy to have around. Wish we could keep her!"

Judi would be a perfect match for someone who wants a gentle, easy-going snuggly companion.  She clearly would be find around small kids.  We estimate her to be a few years old (under 5), she has all her shots, and has tested neg/neg.  She still has a slight limp due to her fractured elbow, and we are following up with the vet through Hyde Park Cats to ensure no additional procedures are needed.   Please email to meet Judi today!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Grover is waiting

Gorgeous Grover stalks his prey....

Grover, a gorgeous marble/blotchty tabby boy, is waiting for his forever home! He is very playful and boyish, and will be your loyal partner in crime if you provide a forever home.  He was found alone outside, probably dumped by his previous owners, near Cottage Grove.  He didn't seem used to the outdoor life, and was plotting a way to get into a woman's home for a few weeks until she contacted Hyde Park Cats. 

Grover tries very hard to be a good housecat. He loves to meet new people and will run right over them to be petted.  He's definitely a very high-energy cat; he will chase his toys all over the house.  He also has a surprisingly impressive ability to open doors and relax in the dark cool cabinets during the day.  He might be a great fit for someone with kids or with another young cat looking for a playmate.

Grover is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and looking for a permanent indoor space he can finally call home.  Please email to meet Grover today!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Topaz is waiting

Topaz is a gorgeous tortoiseshell lady seeking a position as an executive assistant. Her skill set includes hypnotizing people with her beautiful eyes, rhythmic purring, having the nicest softest fur, and being a cat.

Thanks to Patty McN. for the donation of wet food, to Tom A. for the cat carrier, to Leslie K. for the litter -- together you've donated most of a new-fosterer package!

AND HUGE THANKS to Ben G. (9), who saved three dollars of his pocket money as a donation to helping homeless cats and also to his twin brother, Alex, who didn't quite give a matching donation ($1). The homeless cats thank you from the bottom of their hungry hearts.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Athena was turned into Animal Welfare League because, as her former owner said, she was "too much trouble." Our AWL Liasion Leslie S. fell in love with her while volunteering, and just a couple weeks ago decided to take her home, where in fact Athena was no trouble at all. She was happy to be in a home, happy to be in a lap, happy to be in Leslie's arms. Athena died last night at 3:08 am, in Leslie's embrace, perhaps from a septic infection (she had been receiving veterinary care but could not fight it off in the end).

Leslie wrote of Athena that "she was very loving and loved being held. Before she got really sick, she purred so much and so loud. As small as she was, she was not intimidated by my other cats; in fact, she usurped Chet's favorite spot, the top of the middle cushion on my sofa. Athena was one of the sweetest kitties I've been blessed to have and I will always treasure our time together."

Hyde Park Cats sends our love to you today, Leslie.

Leslie's work coordinating our volunteer days at AWL is documented in this recent story from the University of Chicago magazine. Please consider joining us at a future volunteer day in honor of Athena. Our next volunteer day is December 2nd.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Soft blankets...

Lots of food....

Chappelle is.... happy to be inside!
Meet our newest orange and white female darling.  Chappelle was saved by the coordination of several of our star volunteers after they were contacted about a crying cat who had just been tossed out of a car.  A big thank you to our volunteers, who are always ready to assist in and around Hyde Park!

Fostermom writes, "Chappelle is settling in very well--from the moment we opened her carrier in the house she's acted like she owns it.  She almost immediately took up residence on my bed--and as you can see, she's pretty loathe to relinquish her claim on it.  She's wonderfully affectionate, especially when she wants food, and though she's not quite a lap cat and hasn't quite worked up the nerve to hang out with us in the evening, she's wonderfully well-behaved and isn't shy about showing her personality.  She has a sweet meow (even when it's demanding food!) but she's more likely to purr when you come in the room or communicate with little chirps. In short, she's recovering from her ordeal (thrown from a car! the nerve!) and I'm so lucky that I get to spend time with her!"

Chappelle has been doing great indoors, and will be up for adoption once she receives standard medical care.  Please contact to inquire about adopting Chappelle!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Veronica is waiting

She'd make a great study partner!
Curled up with resident cat Henry

As you can tell from these excellent photos from fostermom, Veronica is a lovely and well-behaved girl who is incredibly content to be inside!  She was found outside by one of our fabulous volunteers, and after being cleared medically, her personality is really blossoming inside.  She is doing great with the resident cat, Henry, who has lots of energy and loves to play with her.  Her litter box habits are "impeccable" and she still loves to show off with her toys.  She is waiting for her forever home where she can be part of a cat family or on her own.

Please email to meet Veronica!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Springing Abraham

Inside carrier inside cage at ACC. Enhance for eyeballs.

Scaredy cat

Some of his friends await him back home

Last week we received a message that Abraham, a feral cat from Tanya's Tribe south of the Midway, had been picked up by Animal Care and Control. We helped Tanya get Abraham fixed in June of 2010, and it was the microchip he received at that point that let ACC know he had some people looking out for him. It took us a while to track down the requisite information to secure his release, but this weekend volunteers sprung him from his cage and returned him to his outdoor home.

If you look closely at the last picture, taken at Abraham's release spot, you can see Big Papa, last seen on the blog in 2010. Looking good!

Thanks to Sara and the volunteers at ACC and Treehouse who helped us spring Abraham, and to our own volunteers, particularly Ainat and Nadav, for helping return Abraham to his place.