Monday, June 7, 2010

Tanya's Tribe

Some members of Tanya's Tribe at 67th and Cornell. So far nine cats have been TNRed here! Abraham and Socks were captured on Saturday. We wish all feral cats could have a dry protected spot like this. Thank you Tanya for caring for your cats.

The kitten in the foreground of the top picture is Amos. He has a URI and cannot be fixed until it's a little better.

Big hugs to Mike H. who donated towards this specific project. We always need more!


Diane H said...

I look forward to hearing the next set of names -

Ruth said...

I agree - great names. And what a nice home for homeless cats - they must love it!

lilolady said...

Another big hug to Mike H! Without your kind of help nothing could happen. And for HPC contingent on the street: congrats on nine TNR. Nine and counting - amazing! To Tanya, a special hug - its practically a spa there! No, it IS a spa there from a kitteh viewpoint! Thanks, Tanya.

WOW to all! Thanks to all. GO TANYA'S TRIBE!