Thursday, June 10, 2010

תודה בנות!

Hyde Park Cats would like to thank the "Girls on the Run": Danielle, Eliana, Leah, Aya, Naomi, Leah, Lia, Margalit, Gabrielle, Sarah and Lilit. The girls postered a big chunk of our neighborhood as a mitzvah project and to help raise awareness of homeless cats! TODAH RABAH, YELADOT! תודה בנות!

pictured: orphan kitten Poe with an admirer.

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Anonymous said...

Kitteh, so cute with spotted tum tum, lil gurl so very precious, big girls on the run doing a most excellent mitzvah project. These things of comfort and love make for a happy story; thank you young ladies for that. But, you go without spoken thanks from the animals that benefit from your awareness program - a selfless act; an excellent mitzvah.