Monday, June 21, 2010

Champagne Chateaux

Some pictures from an ongoing TNR/TNA (trap neuter adopt) project in Oakwood just to our north, near Champagne-Furbana and seemingly an offshoot of it. The gorgeous petite female is now spayed....she has a sweet personality. Feral male Orange Cat is back in the alley after being neutered and seen by a vet for a bad leg (they said soft-tissue sprain) and seems to be fine. Then there are some kittens: a beige boy about 4 months, fixed and all, and a female that is a little darker with more stripes. Candice, the caretaker of this area, is socializing the kitties and also doing some kitty decorating ... see below! Some of these cats are perfectly friendly and are available for adoption. Thanks so much to Candice and Walter for working on this project to help the cats!

Thanks to the Veres Family for the donation!


Ruth said...

What beautiful cats. And how lucky they are to have Candace and Walter caring for them.

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