Monday, October 31, 2011


Trick or treat! Tasha is a mischevious and playful kitty. She LOVES to play fetch with her pink sparkle ball. The best part is getting her to leap up in the air by tossing it really high--she can really jump! Lately (since it's been getting cold out), she's been curling up on my bed and sleeping with me all night; I think she really appreciates having a warm, safe home to sleep in. Give yourself--and Tasha--a treat and apply to adopt this delicious little gal today! Previous Tasha post.

She's getting a little winter chubb on her, but it compliments her nicely and her fur is so so soft!

Friday, October 28, 2011

South Chi Mama and Kittens: part I

We were asked to help with a semi-feral young mama cat who had four kittens this past week in South Chicago. Like many kittens born on the street though, the kittens quickly came down with an upper respiratory infection. Volunteers Ainat and Meng went to check out the situation. They saw four adorable kittens with gunky eyes, but had to leave without trapping Mamacat. Two days later, Erika and Meng went to try to find the kittens while the mama cat was trapped under a bed. A neighbor told them that the kittens were in their pipes and it was too late that day to try to get them out of there. The mama cat was released to nurse her kittens. Days later, Mercedes, who had been feeding the mama cat. called saying that two of the kittens had been found -- and she even managed to lure the mama cat inside her home! Erika and Meng scooped up the two kittens but couldn't find the remaining two so the mama cat was released once again!

That's the way the trapping cookie crumbles sometimes.

Fostermom Erika reports that the kittens are doing very well. We are very happy that the two kittens are under our care and are safe now as winter approaches, and we will keep trying to get the other kittens and to TNR Mama cat. Special thanks to Mercedes for feeding/caring for the mama cat and kittens and Erika who drove a bunch of times in pursuit of these kittehs.

Thanks to recent donors Robert W. ("dad"), Mike R., and Emma B., who donated in memory of Xavier.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Kitty is a pleasingly plump adult female tabby. She was the beloved pet of a senior lady who had to move to an assisted living facility that did not allow pets. Fostermom Carol says that "Kitty is so adorable. She likes to headbutt your face and beg for a good tickling. She's a very calm and placid cat. While she's not a hundred percent lap cat, she always stays, sits, or lies down besides you no matter where you are. She's a very companionable cat!" Kitty is spayed, neg/neg, up to date on shots and ready to go home today. Previous Kitty post.

Thanks to the members of Hyde Park Village who donated towards Kitty's care and upkeep.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


2012 Hyde Park Cats calendars is now available. Get yours locally at Parker's at 1342 E. 55th Street.

Need a calendar mailed? Email your desired quantity and address to One calendar $15; please let us know if you need more than one and/or are out of the country. We will contact you about the additional cost for shipping and handling; payment can either be made online via Paypal or we will provide a snail-mail address for checks.

Please remember if paying via Paypal to indicate "calendar."

Found: tiny dog

Last night a community member found a small dog, probably a yorkie, in the alley at Everett and 55th Street. No collar or tags. The little guy/girl put up a bit of a chase but thanks to Beth N. and Kim M. it was caught and spent the night in a dogcrate instead of running in and out of traffic on 55th Street. This morning the dog was taken to Animal Welfare League on 62nd and Wabash; no microchip was found on scan. If you or anyone you know is missing their tiny dog, please head over to AWL immediately!

Thanks Mary R. for the towels and food!

Monday, October 24, 2011


At the very end of September we brought a tired, skinny, dirty male cat to Treehouse for his medical package. Duke had found his way to Megg, one of our volunteers. It seems that Duke's "owner," in South Shore, had put Duke and another cat out in the yard in a crate and then taken off for good. The neighbors couldn't take in these kitties but managed to get word to Megg, who picked them up. Poor Duke was in rough shape, positive for both FIV and FeLV, and the vet thought he also had the intestinal cancer that FeLV positive cats tend to get. Treehouse staff spent the day spoiling him, but he was euthanized after that last day of love. As Laura S., our medical-care coordinator, said, we are so glad he found his way to us so that he didn't suffer alone outside. Thank you to Megg for bringing him in and giving him love and affection at the end of what seemed to be a life of neglect.

Duke's cratemate is a healthy young male. More info shortly.

Thank you to recent donors Veronica W., Megan M., and Mike H.! Your donations keep us in spay/neuter money and also provide a humane death for cats like Duke.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mamacats and kittens: Autumn cornucopia!

This week we were asked to help with three different mamas and three different litters! With a lot of coordination and maneuvering we hope to be able to absorb all three groups (more or less). We would love to hear from people who want to help!

One volunteer spent the last rainy and windy nights trapping a mom and kittens. The above picture is of the garage where one group of kittens is living. Below is a picture of one kitten inside a carrier. He is now safe and warm.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Roger is still waiting for his forever home.

Roger is a handsome orange fellow with long whiskers. He loves to play and would like a forever home with a person willing to indulge his play habits (dangle a string, throw a sparkle ball, etc.). He has been fostered with a dog and enjoys the dog; he came from an outdoor colony and so should also be fine with other cats. Roger has FIV, a chronic condition that does not typically influence a cat's long-term health.

Roger vs. the olive (video)

Roger was living in an alley at 62nd and Cottage Grove when we found him. We couldn't leave that adorable face outdoors! But he's been waiting for his forever home for quite a while now. If you're looking for a frisky, spunky, loving orange companion, please consider Roger.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Recently we received a distress call about a cat who was being kept in a crate in a yard in South Shore. Could we help? Nancy and Paula made the trek, and they found a friendly but elderly and emaciated tuxedo cat (the vet later estimated him to be 13 or 14). We believe that he was trapped in an apartment after his owner died. Eventually, someone dumped him outside, and he ended up in the yard in a crate where he was being fed dog food. Xavier had many problems in addition to malnutrition. At some point in the past, he had a horrible and botched declaw job that left him with partial toe pads, so he was not able to walk correctly. In addition, he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, partial kidney failure, anemia, and a urinary tract infection. After he came to us, he had a bad reaction to his medication and continued to lose weight.

Tree House Humane Society admitted Xavier last week and worked valiantly to help him. A volunteer was ready to offer him a hospice home, but Xavier took a turn for the worse. He died in the loving arms of the Tree House staff rather than on the street or locked up in a crate in a yard, and for that we are so thankful. Xavier’s situation fits Tree House’s mission to care for stray cats with special physical and emotional needs. But nonetheless it was a remarkable commitment that few humane organizations would undertake.

We don’t like to think about our work with desperately needy cats like Xavier in terms of dollars and cents, but the stark reality is that a cat like Xavier is extremely expensive to care for. Please consider a gift to Hyde Park Cats to help underwrite some of Xavier’s expenses by using the PayPal button. In addition, please consider making a tax-deductible gift directly to Tree House in Xavier’s memory. Any gift helps Tree House continue their mission of caring for ill and injured cats like Xavier.

Gifts to Tree House in memory of Xavier and to support their mission of caring for cats with special needs should be sent to:
Dave DeFuniak, Executive Director, Tree House Humane Society, 1212 W. Carmen, Chicago, IL 60640.

Special thanks to Nancy and Paula for all their love and care in bringing Xavier in from the street and giving him a loving foster home. Thanks to Norah O'D for her generous contribution.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Endings

Some happy endings today!

Elphie was just a kitten living outside when she was found. Adopted! Forevermom and dad write that "Elphie, now Charlotte, is getting along just fine with the rhythm of our home. She’s feisty, independent, loyal, and just plain great to have around. Thanks to all that made our union possible!"

Two of our beautiful boys, Nero and Tabe, were adopted -- together! They were adopted by a family with two boys who decided that they had room in their home and their hearts for not just one cat but two. Forevermom Sarah writes that the dynamic duo "are doing great and we are really enjoying their company! They were comfortably together by day two, and they have been playing, resting together, and grooming each other ever since. We still have not fully settled on names, so we call them Big Brother and Little Brother, which does seem to capture their relationship. They are getting plenty of love in this home and seem to take it all in stride. They also enjoy watching the fish!"

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lost cat

Gato is missing

Stella and Pond

Stella and Pond are an adorable mommy and daughter pair. They were originally found on the street in Pilse by Erin, a University of Chicago student. She was graduating and moving within days, but went the extra mile of saving these two kittehs and getting them into a fosterhome with us. Stella (gray) is relaxed and cuddly, a purring lap cat. She will push her head into your hands if you stop petting her. Pond (black) is less than a year old, adventurous and playful, -- of course she has her cuddly moments too. They love to play with each other, cuddle, and are a lovely pair. They both spayed, up to date on shots, and ready for their forever home today!

Zumba for kitties tonight! 7 pm at Nichols Park.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Poor Avy. This seven-to-eight week old female kitten is just so uncute. She has started on her vaccines, tested neg/neg, and has been dewormed. Sarah Z. in Bridgeport found her underneath the front porch when she was about a week old and hand-raised her with bottles. Sarah says "Avy is very sociable, has been raised among a cat and dog, and responds to her name. She literally starts to purr the second she is picked up. " Oh, but she is not cute! Can anyone open their heart to this uncute kitten?

Avy even has her own Facebook page!

Please note our kittens in pairs policy. Our Adoption Coordinator can speak to you more about this.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Lannister Always Spays His Pets

Hahahahaha ... a brilliant take on an oft-quoted line from "Game of Thrones." People, spay your pets!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2012 Calendar Now Available!

Readers, the 2012 Hyde Park Cats calendars is now available. Get yours locally at Parker's at 1342 E. 55th Street.

Need a calendar mailed? We can do it! Email your desired quantity and address to One calendar mailed is $15; please let us know if you need more than one and/or are out of the country. We will contact you about the additional cost for shipping and handling; payment can either be made online via Paypal or we will provide a snail-mail address for checks.

Please remember if paying via Paypal to indicate "calendar."

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Fergus is a charming male grey tabby with black stripes. He was found, by some cat-admiring individuals, in Hyde Park a few weeks ago wandering all by his lonesome skinny self. His finders noticed his affectionate behavior right away and kindly took him home with them. After a few days, his playful side came through--he loves to chase the cat teaser toy. He greets you with a sweet meow in the morning and enjoys being petted. It takes him a little time to snuggle in, but once he does, he is all purrs. His finders took him to Hyde Park Animal Clinic and he has tested neg/neg! We seem to have a number of darling young males looking for homes right now ... please email to adopt or foster Fergus or another homeless kitteh!

Monday, October 10, 2011


Ellison was rescued from a neglectful situation at 62nd and Ellis. His "owner" dumped him on the street saying that he didn't use his litter box properly. He still followed her and other people in the street, crying for help, but was ignored until Nancy came along. He was very thin and jumped right into her car trunk to eat an open bag of cat food. Since then, he has filled out and is sweet and loving, to people and to other cats (not dog-tested). He tested neg/neg and is microchipped and up to date on vaccinations. He's only eight months old and is a healthy, playful kitten.

Ellison has been neutered and guess what, he now has no litterbox problems. Unneutered male cats will mark their territory, and that includes spraying anywhere OTHER than the litterbox. This behavior is different than just peeing outside of the box by accident. People, have your pets spayed and neutered! There are even some low-cost options.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Although Ashland thinks that change is scary, he is a lovebug who wants to give and receive hugs. Ashland was living in the Liliana Colony but we thought he was too friendly to be homeless. He is neutered, vaxed, neg/neg on viruses, and seeking a stable environment. We think he would do best in a quieter and relaxed home ... one with a lap and abundant hugs ... Previous Ashland post.

An easy fast to our observant readers; may you be sealed for a good year!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pit bull awareness month

October is Pit Bull Awareness Month.

This is my pitbull (mix), Latke, with my most recent fostercat, Talullah. Talullah was just adopted! She's in a wonderful home with somebody who really loves and understands her.

Latke came to me through Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue. Many other pitties, pibbos, and mixes are available.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Here is our newest little intake. Tuco is about three or four months old. We received a call from one of the caretakers we work with, saying that a group of kids were trying to "beat him and get a dog to hurt him." Two other kids literally saved his life. Tuco is playful and sweet. He is an active -- yet snuggly -- little guy. He needs a home with a playmate/partner in crime, so if you have a cat seeking a playmate, please email! Alternately we can suggest a partner for Tuco from our other adoptable kittehs.

Here are his itty bitty pawsies.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Uhaul explains himself

I'm a cat with a story, that's for sure. You wouldn't believe the saga I've put my foster people through! I had good reason though - my former people unceremoniously dumped me at Hyde Park Animal Clinic because they were moving and couldn't be bothered to take me with them. Hmph. That's why the vets started calling me Uhaul. Well, I'm a cat who doesn't care much for change, so that threw me for a loop for a couple days, until I realized the vet people were pretty nice and I didn't have to be paralyzed anymore. Soon enough they changed things on me again, though, and I got carted off to my new foster-place where a bunch of scary other cats live! Time to hide, man. And I'm one heck of a good hider, let me tell you! I had them running around scratching their heads for ten days! They thought I jumped out a 5th story window or into a hole up in the ceiling. Hah, I only wish I were that athletic.

Whole thing didn't bother me much, I had a safe little spot where I was doing just fine. Got kinda cramped eventually and so I scratched around and voila! Fosterpeople were there at my beck and call, rushing me food and water. Put me in a room without those bothersome other cats and showed me that the cat tree and windowsill were much cooler places to hang out than under the shelf in the litter box closet. And the best place ever - a lap! Man do I love a nice lap to lounge on. I challenge any reasonably snuggly human to outlast me - I'll never want to leave, promise! I'll purr like a tractor and rub my head against you to show how much I love pets. I'll roll on my back and stretch out for a good belly rub, I'll even grab your hand with my paw and put it on my head - start petting please!

And how could you not want to pet me - I'm as soft and fluffy as an angora rabbit, with a face like a teddy bear. And a big boy at 12 pounds! I may be clumsy but I'm playful too - I roll all over the floor with my catnip ball, and chase any nice rustling thing, and rub and roll all over your feet. Did I mention I purr like a tractor and love belly rubs?

I'll probably get used to those other cats with some time, and probably would get used to your cat with some time - I'm not an aggressive guy by any means. But if you don't have a cat yet… purrrfect. Let me come sprawl on your lap forever!

Hyde Park Cats is anti declaw. However, if you are seeking a declawed cat, we can help you find one who is already declawed!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Sophia was found in a tree at 52nd and Harper on August 24th by some little girls. We got a photo of the rescue in process by one of our eyes-on-the-street, and later on, a grown-up rescuer made contact, and Sophia was brought to one of our fosterhomes.

Sophia had a kitten the night of her rescue - surprise! - but the kitten died shortly thereafter.

When she was brought to her fosterhome fosterparents Claire and Olivier noted that she was very skinny and weak, but also very affectionate. Sadly it turned out Sophia had FeLV (which is also why her kitten died) and she has passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

It always breaks our hearts when a kitty dies. But as always, we at Hyde Park Cats are grateful that we were given the opportunity to provide some comfort and care into the cats' lives. Sophia got to give birth in a nice quiet warm room, and got some last days of love and affection, and died quietly and peacefully. RIP Sophia and kitten.