Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Endings

Some happy endings today!

Elphie was just a kitten living outside when she was found. Adopted! Forevermom and dad write that "Elphie, now Charlotte, is getting along just fine with the rhythm of our home. She’s feisty, independent, loyal, and just plain great to have around. Thanks to all that made our union possible!"

Two of our beautiful boys, Nero and Tabe, were adopted -- together! They were adopted by a family with two boys who decided that they had room in their home and their hearts for not just one cat but two. Forevermom Sarah writes that the dynamic duo "are doing great and we are really enjoying their company! They were comfortably together by day two, and they have been playing, resting together, and grooming each other ever since. We still have not fully settled on names, so we call them Big Brother and Little Brother, which does seem to capture their relationship. They are getting plenty of love in this home and seem to take it all in stride. They also enjoy watching the fish!"

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