Monday, October 24, 2011


At the very end of September we brought a tired, skinny, dirty male cat to Treehouse for his medical package. Duke had found his way to Megg, one of our volunteers. It seems that Duke's "owner," in South Shore, had put Duke and another cat out in the yard in a crate and then taken off for good. The neighbors couldn't take in these kitties but managed to get word to Megg, who picked them up. Poor Duke was in rough shape, positive for both FIV and FeLV, and the vet thought he also had the intestinal cancer that FeLV positive cats tend to get. Treehouse staff spent the day spoiling him, but he was euthanized after that last day of love. As Laura S., our medical-care coordinator, said, we are so glad he found his way to us so that he didn't suffer alone outside. Thank you to Megg for bringing him in and giving him love and affection at the end of what seemed to be a life of neglect.

Duke's cratemate is a healthy young male. More info shortly.

Thank you to recent donors Veronica W., Megan M., and Mike H.! Your donations keep us in spay/neuter money and also provide a humane death for cats like Duke.

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Louise said...

Poor Duke. Has there been a spate of crate abandonments lately or does it just seem like it? Why does that idea make sense to people?

Thanks Megg and others for helping out.