Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Qwerty is at Treehouse; Wants Home

QWERTY HAS BEEN ACCEPTED INTO TREE HOUSE, a non-profit, no-kill foundation dedicated to stray cats.

This morning Qwerty went into Treehouse for his physical. He was immediately noted as the "most big beautiful cat ever" and a mushpot. A sweet mushpot. A mushpot who needed a home, not to be returned to the alley. And so Treehouse has found space for our Qwerty, who will now receive his medical care (torn up ear, eye infection, neutering, etc.) and embark on a journey to find a forever home.

Readers, Qwerty tested negative for the FLK virus, but positive for FIV. This makes the fact that Treehouse accepted him even more special, for FIV cats are hard to adopt out. However, in good conditions (a nice home), FIV+ cats can live contented, long lives, and Qwerty deserves this after his hard time on the street.

Treehouse has an extraordinary policy: their cats are considered part of the Tree House family for the rest of their lives. They have a special contract for FIV+ cats, to help with their care. Please see their website for more information. Qwerty is not available for adoption yet, but you can inquire about him or any of their other kitties.

Can you thank Treehouse for their excellent work and for helping us care for Hyde Park Cats? You can donate online or send a check. Please make sure you let them know you are donating for "Hyde Park Cats" (or Qwerty). The funds can't be specifically earmarked, but this will let Treehouse know how much we appreciate their help with Qwerty and with past Hyde Park Cats Lebowski (also FIV+ and available for adoption at Treehouse), Czarina, Mimi, and Lulav/Sun Pacific (available for adoption at Treehouse).

Monday, March 30, 2009

Qwerty at rest

Here is Qwerty resting in his "condo" (MJK's extra bathroom) before going up to Treehouse tomorrow morning. Remember, send good thoughts. Qwerty is such a friendly guy that, unlike our ferals, he was allowed out of his trap. Mary Jean reports that she was able to pick him up and put him on her lap, and he enjoys having his throat stroked. He likes his little “maison” and seems happy to curl up there.

Don't forget about our TNR Workshop this Friday at 7 pm in Treasure Island.

Purry thanks to Victoria for the recent donation!

p.s. sorry to the blog "followers," who mistakenly got an update from my personal blog.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Qwerty has been caught

Today I finally caught Qwerty. Qwerty has been an irregular member of the MJK Alley colony since November. He is very beautiful, but has been looking worse and worse for wear. He allows himself to be picked up, but could be neither enticed nor shoved into a trap (or even a carrier, we tried). Today I got the idea to set the trap and then actually sit by it pretending as if it weren't there at all, all friendly like. Today he was ready ... and he was a gentleman when the trap sprang.

Qwerty has an appointment on Tuesday at Treehouse for neutering and a comprehensive physical. Please keep your thoughts flowing for a FLV/FIV negative test. I believe Qwerty is, at heart, a friendly housecat, so also consider adopting this gorgeous man.

Last night when we were out Qwerty-hunting we also saw Rodrigo for the first time in months. Now Rodrigo is our next target. He's also obviously the liasion between the MJK Alley and Black and White Cat World. Obviously.

You can read about any of the below cats by typing their name into the blog's search bar.

Spay/Neutered from Black-and-White Cat World:
Ellis, Little Buddy, Nimr, Rachamim, Rachel, Rambam

Spay/Neutered from the MJK Alley: Aida, Bobbi, Chandra (disappeared), Czarina (adopted!), Dana, Emilie, Felix, Gino (disappeared), Harper, Izzie (adopted!), Jules & Kerry (disappeared), Luka, Mona, Mimi (adopted!), Niño, Onyx, Pixie, Qwerty (yay!), Lebowski (available for adoption!!!), and Twinkletoes (adopted!)

Spay/Neutered or Rescued from Other Situations: Swift (cat about campus), Mamma Cat + 5 kittens, Lulav, aka Sun Pacific (available for adoption), Shadow, Pants, Daisy, Sherlock

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Black-and-white Cat World: Trap 3

Yesterday evening at Black-and-White Cat World (R Colony) we saw our old friends Rachamim and Rambam -- now neutered males and looking good. In fact, we trapped Rachamim; he made rather a pest of his fine self . Finzi (R3) almost fell for the trap, but in the end the only unfixed one we could trap was Tiger Mama, now Nimr ("tiger"). Nimr is currently at ACS and will be back in Hyde Park tonight, returned home tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

portraits in the MJK Alley

Some recent portraits of kittehs in the MJK Alley. All these cats are fixed. From top: Niño, Luka and Emilee, Bobbi, Felix, Bobbi again.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the cat I wanted vs. the cat I got

This black-and-white blur is "Pisher," the tomcat who has had the chutzpah to be visiting my patio. Doesn't he know I'm a notorious cat trapper? I've set my trap for several nights, but Pisher just comes around and pishes (pees) on something and ignores the trap. Pictured below is the cat I actually trapped the other night instead of Pisher ... somebody's big fat glossy housecat. Ooh, handsome. If this is your cat, please put a collar on him!

And a big purrrrrry thank you to Marga for the donation!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Adm. Adama vs. a tin of cat food

Of course, Adm. Adama prevails in the end. Not to ruin the finale for you, if you haven't seen it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica, the best show on television, has its finale tonight. I mourn. And yet--BG lives on forever. In fact, I present to you Battlestar Galactica Cat Colony!

The colony is living in a rusty old vehicle --just like the TV Battlestar! It's run by a battle-scarred old man, Adm. Adama, pictured above.

So far we've seen four separate cats--Adm. Adama; a lovely Siamese (Pres. Roslin); a black cat (Agathon--whether Sharon or Karl is yet to be discovered), and a small fluffy tortie-type (Lt. Dualla). If you look closely at the picture with the truck (or click on it to open it much larger in a new window) you can see Pres. Roslin and Agathon. Adm. Adama is in typical mature tomcat shape (that is, rough) but the others look pretty good from what we've seen.

Of course, one of the cats may be a Cylon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Qwerty sharing nicely with others

Qwerty, whom I love, sharing a tin of wet food with Emilie. Qwerty is generally known for his posturing against other cats, so it was nice to see him out sunning himself with Emilie and Luka the other day.

Big purry thanks to Peggy and Katherine (with Bonkers and Gossamer) for the recent donations!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Black-and-white Cat World: Trap 2

Last night we captured two more black-and-whites from Black and White Cat World, aka the R Colony. Pictured up top is, tentatively, Rachel--we thought this was Finzi (R3), but decided this is another cat, so R10 instead. She is at ACS being spayed today--unless she's a boy, in which case he's being neutered. Below is R7 Rachamim, who is definitely a boy.

While we were there we saw the now-fixed Rambam, the unfixed Ingleside, R5 "Sad Eyes," a new all-black juvenile (R10 and needing a name), and even had a quick glimpse of "Tiger Mama." Newsflash: Tiger Mama is a big old tomcat.

UPDATE: Rachel is a girl and Rachamim is a boy. They've been returned to Black and White Cat World.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

R7 Rachamim

Meet Rachamim, the seventh identified cat in our "R" colony, aka black-and-white-cat-world. We're planning a trapping evening or two this week--we hope to catch Rachamim, Ingleside (has a wound and only half a tail), and Finzi, who may be pregnant. But we have nine members of this colony identified and have TNRed three, so if we get Sad Eyes or somebody else, that's fine too!

Friday, March 13, 2009

TNR/Outdoor Cats Workshop in Hyde Park

*tnr = trap/neuter/release

Free, and anybody is welcome to attend, but please email me your RSVP.

WHEN: APRIL 3 (FRIDAY), 7 p.m.
LOCATION: downstairs in Treasure Island (55th and Lake Park; the former Co-op bldg) -- lots of parking.

You will receive an informational packet, network with others who care about the issues surrounding outdoor cats, get a demo on humane trapping, and probably also eat a cookie or two.

Presenter is Yvette, who conducts these same trainings at PAWS Chicago and performs TNR in her own neighborhood. Yvette's blog. Thanks to Treasure Island for providing the meeting space free as a community service.

above: Luka in the alley. Looks like the wound on his back is still healing.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trapping at the R Colony

Some scenes from yesterday's successful trap at the R Colony -- three caught (we had three traps). UPDATE: all males, all returning to the alley today: Ellis, Little Buddy (has never been seen without being virtually pasted to Ellis' side) and Rambam, the big mostly white guy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rambam in the trap, and thoughts for Finzi

Readers, the last post was about "R3" Finzi. Finzi was named by Anna F., who had donated some cat food to our project. Our Finzi was named after Anna's sister's kitten, who sadly went over the Rainbow Bridge just this very evening. Please send your love to little Finzi, and to Anna's family. In memory of little Finzi, Anna F. has also offered to sponsor R3-Finzi's surgery. Thank you, Anna; that is a wonderful tribute.

Tonight we trapped three cats at the "R" colony near Ellis/62/Ingleside! Here is "R6" Rambam, just trapped this evening, and awaiting his neuter surgery tomorrow. Poor old guy has a wound on his face and needs some cleaning up.

More on tonight's trapping tomorrow!


Diane thinks this kitty has "sad eyes," and is going to try and trap him tonight. Thanks to Anna F. for naming him (her?) "Finzi," because Diane wants to call all the cats in this area R1, R2, R3, etc. It's some sort of sciencey thing, she tells me. Finzi here is
very skittish - has been the first to eat yesterday and the day before but will run if someone comes down the alley, or a door in the apartment building closes, or if Ellis (see below) comes to eat.

This is not the kitty with "sad eyes." This kitty "was very excited about the food" and Diane thinks it's a girl. In the "black and white cat world" post below, this is the kitty with her back to us in the picture with three cats on the left side of the dumpster.

Finzi is a pregnant female (I believe).

It's hard to tell them all apart!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

thank-you time

Big purry thanks to to Hyde Park Progress for the shout-out ... to Mike H. for another generous donation ... to Anna F. for the kibble and canned food ... to Ursula and Roy and Diana for the kibble ... to Marie W. for fostering two sibling cats while they await (guaranteed) entrance into PAWS Chicago ... to Chelsea for fixing the paypal button (and donating the dollar!) ... to Vicky and family for the donation ... to Ginny for the donation ... to Meera and Ross for the donation and the food (and for adopting Libby) ... to the kids in Shalom Chaverim and Purple Room for painting cat huts ... and to all our readers and friends who keep this project going!

Donors get to name a cat! Email me at hydeparkcats@gmail.com to learn more or to mail a check, or click on the Paypal button.

Monday, March 9, 2009

black and white cat world!

Diane took these pics of some of the cats in a colony around 62nd and Ellis/Ingleside (scroll down for more info). It seems to be a black-and-white cat haven! There is also already at least one litter of black-and-white kittens, only about two weeks old.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Kat writes in with more information about "Cassius" from the previous post -- she believes he is really "Toughie" - as he is called by her neighbor who feeds him. He is the daddy of the kittens rescued last summer, and has been around for more than 2 years now (hence the name - pretty tough guy). My new goal in life: to ensure that Toughie stops contributing kittens to the neighborhood. Thanks but no thanks, tough guy!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Butterscotch and Cassius

Thanks to the folks who have sent in their Butterscotch sightings. We now have a better sense of his parameters, and a place to set up a permanent feeding station for him. Once we have him on a reliable feeding schedule we can trap him and neuter him! Emily reports that she has "seen Butterscotch passing through [her] parent's front yard ... or else trotting purposefully down the street further south, on a nearly daily basis" so Emily is working on a Butterscotch center. Yay Emily! Big purrs.

She also reports sightings of a gray cat, who she calls Cassius.Is Cassius Background Porch Cat ?