Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Black-and-white Cat World: Trap 2

Last night we captured two more black-and-whites from Black and White Cat World, aka the R Colony. Pictured up top is, tentatively, Rachel--we thought this was Finzi (R3), but decided this is another cat, so R10 instead. She is at ACS being spayed today--unless she's a boy, in which case he's being neutered. Below is R7 Rachamim, who is definitely a boy.

While we were there we saw the now-fixed Rambam, the unfixed Ingleside, R5 "Sad Eyes," a new all-black juvenile (R10 and needing a name), and even had a quick glimpse of "Tiger Mama." Newsflash: Tiger Mama is a big old tomcat.

UPDATE: Rachel is a girl and Rachamim is a boy. They've been returned to Black and White Cat World.

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