Sunday, March 29, 2009

Qwerty has been caught

Today I finally caught Qwerty. Qwerty has been an irregular member of the MJK Alley colony since November. He is very beautiful, but has been looking worse and worse for wear. He allows himself to be picked up, but could be neither enticed nor shoved into a trap (or even a carrier, we tried). Today I got the idea to set the trap and then actually sit by it pretending as if it weren't there at all, all friendly like. Today he was ready ... and he was a gentleman when the trap sprang.

Qwerty has an appointment on Tuesday at Treehouse for neutering and a comprehensive physical. Please keep your thoughts flowing for a FLV/FIV negative test. I believe Qwerty is, at heart, a friendly housecat, so also consider adopting this gorgeous man.

Last night when we were out Qwerty-hunting we also saw Rodrigo for the first time in months. Now Rodrigo is our next target. He's also obviously the liasion between the MJK Alley and Black and White Cat World. Obviously.

You can read about any of the below cats by typing their name into the blog's search bar.

Spay/Neutered from Black-and-White Cat World:
Ellis, Little Buddy, Nimr, Rachamim, Rachel, Rambam

Spay/Neutered from the MJK Alley: Aida, Bobbi, Chandra (disappeared), Czarina (adopted!), Dana, Emilie, Felix, Gino (disappeared), Harper, Izzie (adopted!), Jules & Kerry (disappeared), Luka, Mona, Mimi (adopted!), NiƱo, Onyx, Pixie, Qwerty (yay!), Lebowski (available for adoption!!!), and Twinkletoes (adopted!)

Spay/Neutered or Rescued from Other Situations: Swift (cat about campus), Mamma Cat + 5 kittens, Lulav, aka Sun Pacific (available for adoption), Shadow, Pants, Daisy, Sherlock


Anonymous said...

Querty, you are so lucky, and life is changing for the better.
Purrs to you

margaret said...

What a big, beautiful boy. Love his markings! Yes, it's time for him to get all cleaned up, healthy, and in a loving forever home.