Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hattie/Pierrot seeks home

Hattie, also known as Pierrot, is a beautiful female kitten rescued with her Mamma and four brothers from the great outdoors late this summer. She is about four months old -- still a kitten. She is a very intelligent kitty, and has been slowly slowly getting more comfortable with people handling (food is really the key to her happiness!). Despite her shyness, she is extremely playful (feather toys!) and loves other cats and at least one (very large) dog.

She has had her shots, but needs to be spayed.

Her four brothers have all been adopted --- we are just waiting to see her go home with a great new owner. She'd be the perfect companion for another pet, if your cat or dog is lonely!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving ...

Happy Thanksgiving to all the lucky kitties who have somebody to feed them. To the others ... good luck mousing.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Update on Twinkletoes

Poor Twinkletoes. As you can see from this picture, he's been taken in and forced to spend his days lazing around, being fed out of a bowl and sleeping stretched out comfortably and all that. And he's been made to carry the more dignified name of "Graham." What a let-down from his days of crouching hungrily in a filthy alley. How dare you love him, Erin! Purrs to you for this wonderful rescue.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Swift, Cat About Campus

Swift has been making quite a public spectacle of himself lately. This morning Facilities was trying to trap him to take him to Animal Control. We couldn't allow that to happen, so he is currently in a safehouse.

We discovered he has a second feeding station outside of the Admin Bldg -- a ceramic bowl, no less.

He has been meowing loudly at passers-by and then scampering off.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

We shall call him ...

Qwerty, because we're up to "Q." Here he is, the only remaining unaltered cat in our colony (for now). He is savvy, and rightly suspicious of the trap. He meows. He is fantastically patterned and beautiful. Soon, soon we will catch him!

Mamacat with the teeny tiny targets (see below) has moved her kittens, but we haven't given up hope. We're trying to acclimate her to the sight of the cage ...

Meanwhile, Bobby is now a tame cat. seriously. He purrs and rubs against people. Let's get him inside before winter strikes -- Bobby needs a home!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

teeny tiny new targets

Teeny teeny tiny new targets. Can you see them? Click on the picture to view larger ... two very small kittens and a gorgeous tortoiseshell Mama were spotted at the community garden at 61st and Dorcester. Good eyeballs, Briana! Tonight Mama eluded our trapping, but we will try, try again.

Heartfelt purrs to Briana for deciding that YES, she SHOULD do something!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Lulav is available for adoption!

Sun Pacific (aka Lulav) is available for adoption at Tree House. This is the very matted (no longer!) kitty found on campus several weeks ago. As it turns out, this poor girl is a senior citizen and even front declawed. She's a little sad at finding herself in a shelter at her dignified stage of life. Can you provide her a forever home?

The original post about Lulav

p.s. We'd called her Sun Pacific because we had her sleeping in a box so marked (oranges). Then I changed it to Lulav. Then when she got to the shelter, MJK couldn't remember the new name ... so she came into Tree House as Sun Pacific.

p.p.s. Lebowski, another of our Hyde Park finds, is also still available for adoption. Now here is a wonderful guy! He's a real lover looking for a love object. Is it you?