Monday, October 13, 2008

Caught: Lulav!

UPDATE: Lulav was taken in by Tree House early this morning. Yay!

Over the weekend we received an email about a cat outside of the campus library. A student fed the cat -- thank you Mimi!!! -- and told us the cat had been there at least a day, approaching people and acting hungry. This morning the cat, nicely as you please, allowed herself to be rescued. She is beautiful and so friendly, and so obviously relieved to be inside. But the mats in her fur -- unbelievable! What happened? Poor girl may also have some damage to her mouth. Check back later for an update. She's curled up right now in a box just relaxing herself and thanking her lucky stars. I had to change the name (from this morning's "Sun Pacific") to "Lulav." She's definitely more of a Lulav.


Anonymous said...

What a lucky Sweetheart! She will be so relieved to get shaved. Please post pics after the mats are gone...

margaret said...

Poor baby! Thank you (and Mimi) for rescuing Lulav.

She might have all of those mats because while she was out on the streets, she was too scared to groom herself! I've read that true ferals in a well-managed colony and who are content being on the streets keep themselves pretty well groomed. It's the poor lost or abandoned friendly kitties, who are used to being safe in a home -- they aren't relaxed enough to groom.