Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ester and her ketzelekh

Ester and her ketzelekh (kittens) were brought to us from ACC (Animal Care and Control ... "the pound") just yesterday. Ester is truly a kitten herself -- she must have gotten pregnant the first moment she was physically able! We don't know their story but we do know that Ester is a sweet and gentle soul and her little bebehs are destined to be treasured housecats. They're safe in fostermom Danna's home. Updates to come ... and happy Purim!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Virtually Home Chicago

Virtually Home Chicago is dedicated to improving the lives of animals in Chicago through rescue, adoption and education of their human companions. Virtually Home is comprised of a network of dedicated rescuers, volunteers and foster homes. Together we work under a unified mission and fight for the lives of homeless animals in Chicago.

Saturday night: SEXY BLACK -- a benefit to raise awareness of black cats and dogs, who have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate ...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


TOBY the former sewer denizen is up for immediate adoption. Fostermom Marina reports that "he's a good companion - goes to sleep when I go to sleep, wakes up when I wake up. Likes to get into things. He has a lot of energy. He's obviously made himself right at home though (see photos). He keeps forgetting his reflection isn't another cat =)."

Toby would make a wonderful companion for a family with kids. He likes other cats, and he might even be a good companion for a dog! He's playful and energetic, but attentive. He needs some room to zoom around. Please email

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ming, and good news

More cute pictures of Ming! Ming is a six-month-old cutie pie seeking a forever home!!!

Please see our currently available list.

Good news: Ashton found a placement at Tree House Humane Society..

More good news: Clooney, Prima, and Beth were all adopted from PAWS over the weekend. Huge kudos to Prima's fostermom, Emily, and to Beth's fostermom, Mireille, who turned their charges from shy "feralish" cats to adoptable pets. It takes a lot of work. Ladies, thank you.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ming and Mimosa

Mimosa (1.5 yrs old) and her 6-month old kitten Ming (male) are the sweetest cats. Mimosa (or maybe I should say ... Momosa?) is very gentle, has the softest fur and is a purry little engine! Ming has lots of energy and likes to sit on the windowsill and gaze out the window dreamily. He is also very enamored with his reflection in the mirror and likes to hang out in the bathtub by himself. He can play for hours with his string toys and loves, loves, loves to run around and explore and keep on eye on everything going on around him. These two wonderful cats are available for immediate adoption. We would prefer them to be adopted together.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Adopt Trixie!

Trixie is a teeny, medium haired blue/gray tabby with a beige tummy--complete with a long bushy tail, green eyes, and adorable tufts of paw fur. There was never any doubt that Trixie was a friendly. She LOVES to be held like a baby and will throw herself down at your feet for belly rubs. She has playful moments, but would usually prefer to be snuggled. We think she will make a lovely family cat, even for little kiddos. She is very tidy and always uses her litter box. She keeps her longish fur perfectly clean and seems to know how pretty she is. And did we mention her extremely long whiskers? Trix has tolerated her foster family's resident dog and cat well, but she would do fine as an only cat as long as there was plenty of human love available.

Trixie is actually available for adoption -- yes! this cat is homeless! Send your inquiries to

Thursday, February 18, 2010



Elijah is a feral cat from the 63rd/Maryland colony area (where Ori and Ashton came from). Adrienne has been a long-time caretaker in that area, but lately, for various reasons, including what is apparently a killer dog, the area has become more and more inhospitable for cats. Elijah was turned into the Animal Welfare League the other day. Because Adrienne had taken the time to get her cats fixed and microchipped, with the help of Triple R Pets, she was alerted that her cat could be retrieved. Mary Jean picked him up and brought him to her extra bathroom for a night, where she determined that he is indeed way too feral to be placed in a foster home. But what to do -- his alley is no longer a tenable solution! Luckily, a spot was found for him at New Beginnings Cat Shelter in Bourbonnais, IL, where there is a heated barn with an enclosed outdoor area for ferals. He is currently at Tree House getting his tests done.

All the stars were really aligned for this cat!

To everyone who spent their time and energy just to make sure this one feral cat had a humane quality of life -- we salute you. And sorry for the earlier, incorrect version.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Toby and Midgie

Toby (bottom) and Midgie (top) are two of the friendly cats who've come inside from Woodlawn colonies recently. Are they related? Probably not ... but they do match! Fostermom Karen has a lot of stripey goodness to gaze upon. She says "Toby is very energetic and feisty, then suddenly stops and looks all polite, innocent, and well-behaved. He's very likeable. I would feel comfortable with him here to guard me from intruders. Midgy is very sweet and easygoing, easy to take care of and cute."

Toby had been released after coming in for original vet care -- we thought he might have an owner. However, when released he went into a sewer grate, and appeared to be camping out there. A sewer, folks! A sewer. After a while we decided that, while he may have had a home at one point, he was now living in a sewer, and he's just too nice for that. We had a better solution: a foster home!

This matched set of boy/girl tiger cats is available for adoption, separately or together.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Leif Eriksen

Meet Leif (previous name Hulk), who came to us from ACC (aka "the pound" -- we're giving him another chance at life by fostering him and seeking a home). He is neutered, vaccinated, FIV and FeLV negative, and available for immediate adoption!

Fosterdad Jon says "Leif is a joy to have. He loves attention and is vocal without being obnoxiously so. He has spent every night on our bed, getting up only when we do in the morning. He would be a great cat for a family--this is not one to be intimidated easily by kids or lots of commotion."

Monday, February 15, 2010

Little Women update

When last seen, Little Women kitties were pretty stand-offish. Fostermom Mireille has worked some wonders. Theo is now "a cuddle buddy!" Mireille reports that "whenever I sit on my couch, he comes and begs for me to pet him. He starts purring in two seconds and he wriggles to make sure I don't miss a spot when I pet him: ears, back, belly, neck... He is totally comfortable sitting on me and twisting until he gets to the right position. Then he sometimes touches my cheek with his paw or he gives me little head butts... quite nice! Jo is also a purring machine, but she prefers to be on solid ground, and I have to go to her and catch her when she's sleepy. Then she can't escape and I've got her. Beth is slowly coming around. If I start petting Theo and she's next to him, she no longer runs for the hill; I may even be able to pet her a little. And the last couple of times I managed to catch her, I held her for quite a while. She doesn't purr so it's hard to tell with her, but her eyes were not as dilated so I think she was almost relaxed by the time I let her go."

All these kittens are available for adoption. We would like Beth to go with one or both of her siblings (ask us about our steep sibling discount). Email and reserve your kitten today!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Under car cat

Spotted at 54th at Ridgewood, having turned the corner southbound ... this worried-looking black and white cat. By the time I had food, he had gone. Is he yours? If you have any info or have spotted this cat previously, please email

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Se llama Panchito

"Tango" was picked up as part of the 1000-cats-in-2010 project and brought to be neutered. Turns out he was already clipped and had a home -- in a tire shop! He got some vet care and a microchip, and the folks in the tire shop (around 75th a few blocks west of Jeffrey) were amused and pleased to see him back. They showed us his food bowl and his pile of tires where he likes to sleep (really!) and accepted our offer of a shelter but let us know that was no Tango ... "se llama Panchito!" (his name is Panchito. Good luck Panchito!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Ori's Triumphant Return to Hyde Park"

Received a wonderful email, subject line "Ori's triumphant return to Hyde Park": "We adopted Ori from PAWS. We live in Hyde Park, but didn't realize that Ori was a Hyde Parker until we got him home and started piecing things together from his medical record. He is quite at home in his old neighborhood and is proving to be an amazing cat. Judging by the way he has dismantled his cat toys and the way he leaps across the room, his leg is fully healed. We want to offer our immense thanks for all that helped Ori along his way. " Thanks to Ori's new parents Jonathan and Carol for writing in! What a great follow up ... good luck ORI!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Three-day special: Fancy white kitten!

Beautiful and purrful DeeBee is available for adoption ... for three days. Previous post, when she'd just come here from Animal Control.

She has one blue and one green eye (hence the name -- like David Bowie)!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Clooney is a very friendly, handsome, suave, and confident young male cat I met around 58th and Indiana while out trapping with the inestimable Sandy. Clooney really, really, really wanted that wet food, yes he did, and he allowed me to just scoop him up and place him in the trap. He is now neutered, vaxed, and is negative for FIV and FeLV. Clooney came to Hyde Park last night and, according to fostermom Kristen, made himself immediately at home. The bottom photo shows Clooney in his trap out in the snow. The top picture shows Clooney relaxing in his carrier en route to his fosterhome.

Clooney is available for adoption!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Kobi (a Hebrew nickname for Yakov -- Jacob) came to us from one of the alley colonies south of the Midway. He is being fostered in a home with two kids, and fostermom Ainat can't stop telling me what a "great family cat" he is, how "sweet and wonderful" and "fabulous." He will sit in a lap, starts purring upon being glanced at, plays with toys, and is playful with the kids, but without any aggression. Like many former alley cats, Kobi may need weight management; presently his fostermom describes him "like a little furry barrel of cat." Kobi is all black, neutered and vaccinated, and has FIV, a chronic and manageable condition. He is available for adoption.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Ashton is a young brown tabby, definitely male and totally sweet. He was wandering around the 63rd and Maryland area, even sitting on the bench in the bus stop with people. This is a cat who wants to be inside! If you've been waiting for a friendly buddy for your home, Ashton is the one.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prima and Baby

More kittehs brought to you by the (Sandy) King Project: Sandy is a resident of Woodlawn who has vowed to TNR (or TNA) 1000 cats in 2010. We saw these two in recovery from surgery and couldn't put these precious kittens back out in the snowy Chicago winter. Prima and Baby are both about four months old, and they're going to fostermom Emily's home this evening. Baby (middle picture) is from the Hassan Colony (cared for by a gentleman named Hassan) around 75th and Jeffrey and Prima looks just like an older female in Clyde Colony, so I think that's where she came from. Wish us luck!

We are in great need of foster homes. Every day during this project cats are trapped and cats are released. Many of the cats released back outside are friendly cats. We simply do not have the space for them. We have a lovely tuxedo male who will be released back outside within two days if we can't find a foster home. We also released a very friendly tiger male we would like to retrieve ... he needs you!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Little Women

Theodore (top) and Beth and Jo, named for Little Women characters, in carriers for transport to Hyde Park. These four-month-old kittens were taken out of Clyde Colony (67th and Jeffrey) last week and are part of the great King TNR Project (to TNR 1000 area cats in 2010!). Three out of a thousand represented here. These cats were living in a boarded-up building in an alley and had the good fortune to be noticed by a cat-loving neighbor, who started a chain of events leading to these kitties being trapped, fixed, and pondering the indoor life chez fostermom extraordinaire Mireille. It seems most of the cats in this colony are true ferals, and so these kittens are shy; Mireille is working on socializing them and helping them through the humiliation of being dewormed.

Many of the other cats being picked up through this project are friendlies. We are in hot pursuit of foster homes!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Here are some cats telling us what they think of PAWS' hospitality.

Thanks Andrew and Margaret B.!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Headline: Cat Makes Uncannily Smart Decision

Voila TRIXIE, aka "cat who makes good decisions." Our fostermom, dog rescuer, and animal helper extraordinaire Eevie S. was all set to take in pregnant Juniper, when who should she find literally waiting on her doorstep but pregnant Trixie here. Trixie will go to Treehouse on Wednesday to be checked out (on the off chance she's just got a really chubby tum tum). Eevie says "she is a perfect little cat--quiet, tidy, and as friendly as they come. She even like belly rubs!" Eevie is measuring her whiskers at 5.5 inches.

Trixie will be available for adoption pending her medical findings. Put in your dibs now!