Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Toby and Midgie

Toby (bottom) and Midgie (top) are two of the friendly cats who've come inside from Woodlawn colonies recently. Are they related? Probably not ... but they do match! Fostermom Karen has a lot of stripey goodness to gaze upon. She says "Toby is very energetic and feisty, then suddenly stops and looks all polite, innocent, and well-behaved. He's very likeable. I would feel comfortable with him here to guard me from intruders. Midgy is very sweet and easygoing, easy to take care of and cute."

Toby had been released after coming in for original vet care -- we thought he might have an owner. However, when released he went into a sewer grate, and appeared to be camping out there. A sewer, folks! A sewer. After a while we decided that, while he may have had a home at one point, he was now living in a sewer, and he's just too nice for that. We had a better solution: a foster home!

This matched set of boy/girl tiger cats is available for adoption, separately or together.


Ruth said...

They sure look as if they are making the adjustment to life indoors! Thank you Karen for opening your heart and your home to these stripey sweeties.

Susan said...

Ha ha! Someone has a crush!