Thursday, February 18, 2010



Elijah is a feral cat from the 63rd/Maryland colony area (where Ori and Ashton came from). Adrienne has been a long-time caretaker in that area, but lately, for various reasons, including what is apparently a killer dog, the area has become more and more inhospitable for cats. Elijah was turned into the Animal Welfare League the other day. Because Adrienne had taken the time to get her cats fixed and microchipped, with the help of Triple R Pets, she was alerted that her cat could be retrieved. Mary Jean picked him up and brought him to her extra bathroom for a night, where she determined that he is indeed way too feral to be placed in a foster home. But what to do -- his alley is no longer a tenable solution! Luckily, a spot was found for him at New Beginnings Cat Shelter in Bourbonnais, IL, where there is a heated barn with an enclosed outdoor area for ferals. He is currently at Tree House getting his tests done.

All the stars were really aligned for this cat!

To everyone who spent their time and energy just to make sure this one feral cat had a humane quality of life -- we salute you. And sorry for the earlier, incorrect version.


Anonymous said...

Elijah is quite the outstanding orange boy. I too salute everyone who got in the way of an untimely demise for his little self - Adrienne, Mary Jean, Triple R, New Beginnings, and the care takers at ACC who took their time to discover that lucky life saving microchip.

And then there is the poor loose probably cold and hungry "killer dog" whose people require the strongest of remedial plagues to rain down upon their sorry souls. FIE!

bundeleh said...

Thanks for reminding us, "anonymous" (aka Mom?) that the dog in question is probably, in its own way, a victim too.

Ruth said...

Best wishes and bon voyage Elijah - a heated barn and a food supply sound so much nicer for you than life with a hungry dog. But Terren and Anonymous are so right to point out that the poor dog has also probably been denied proper care - indeed, the dog might have been introduced to 'deal with' the feral cat 'problem'. If there is an afterlife, and animals have any power there, we humans have so much to answer for.