Monday, February 15, 2010

Little Women update

When last seen, Little Women kitties were pretty stand-offish. Fostermom Mireille has worked some wonders. Theo is now "a cuddle buddy!" Mireille reports that "whenever I sit on my couch, he comes and begs for me to pet him. He starts purring in two seconds and he wriggles to make sure I don't miss a spot when I pet him: ears, back, belly, neck... He is totally comfortable sitting on me and twisting until he gets to the right position. Then he sometimes touches my cheek with his paw or he gives me little head butts... quite nice! Jo is also a purring machine, but she prefers to be on solid ground, and I have to go to her and catch her when she's sleepy. Then she can't escape and I've got her. Beth is slowly coming around. If I start petting Theo and she's next to him, she no longer runs for the hill; I may even be able to pet her a little. And the last couple of times I managed to catch her, I held her for quite a while. She doesn't purr so it's hard to tell with her, but her eyes were not as dilated so I think she was almost relaxed by the time I let her go."

All these kittens are available for adoption. We would like Beth to go with one or both of her siblings (ask us about our steep sibling discount). Email and reserve your kitten today!

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Susan said...

Great progress! They look very happy and healthy and warm...thanks HPC!