Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Clooney is a very friendly, handsome, suave, and confident young male cat I met around 58th and Indiana while out trapping with the inestimable Sandy. Clooney really, really, really wanted that wet food, yes he did, and he allowed me to just scoop him up and place him in the trap. He is now neutered, vaxed, and is negative for FIV and FeLV. Clooney came to Hyde Park last night and, according to fostermom Kristen, made himself immediately at home. The bottom photo shows Clooney in his trap out in the snow. The top picture shows Clooney relaxing in his carrier en route to his fosterhome.

Clooney is available for adoption!


Anonymous said...

He looks very handsome in his tuxedo! :-)

Ruth said...

Very smart move Clooney - especially with all this snow!

Lilithcat said...

Oh, dear, I misread "vaxed" as "waxed", and wondered, "why on earth would you wax a cat? And what cat would ever allow its person to suffer such an indignity?"