Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Little Women

Theodore (top) and Beth and Jo, named for Little Women characters, in carriers for transport to Hyde Park. These four-month-old kittens were taken out of Clyde Colony (67th and Jeffrey) last week and are part of the great King TNR Project (to TNR 1000 area cats in 2010!). Three out of a thousand represented here. These cats were living in a boarded-up building in an alley and had the good fortune to be noticed by a cat-loving neighbor, who started a chain of events leading to these kitties being trapped, fixed, and pondering the indoor life chez fostermom extraordinaire Mireille. It seems most of the cats in this colony are true ferals, and so these kittens are shy; Mireille is working on socializing them and helping them through the humiliation of being dewormed.

Many of the other cats being picked up through this project are friendlies. We are in hot pursuit of foster homes!

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Ruth said...

They are gorgeous. Good luck Mireille in teaching them not to fear humans!