Monday, November 29, 2010


Cinquo, son of Zucca. What a punim! Ten-week-old Cinquo and his brother Iggy were both born outside in a yard in Woodlawn -- Madison of the previous post is his older sister. Fostermom says Cinquo is playful and active and will stalk and try to "stomp on" invisible prey. He likes to hang out inbetween the couch cushions and enjoys being petted and frequent belly rubs. Cinquo is available for adoption! Can you imagine this furry face lit up by your Hanukkah candles or your Christmas tree lights?

Calendars are going fast. If you actually live outside of Hyde Park (why?) and would like to order a beautiful 2011 Hyde Park Cats calendar, please do so soon. We will be at the Reynolds Club today from 10-12 noon if you would like to stop by our table, buy a calendar, and ask any questions about our work.

Purrs to Kat H. and Mike H. for recent donations.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Madison, Hope, and things to give thanks for

Today's blog post is guest-written by volunteer Ruth A.

I recall very clearly the first time I saw Madison. This summer I responded on behalf of HPC to a person in the community: a homeless cat she had been feeding had given birth to a litter of kittens. Her vet had suggested that she contact us. I went round to meet Michele, the cats, and see what we could do. A furry little black cat with piercing eyes appeared in the yard. Michele told me that this cat had been part of the mother’s previous litter. Born homeless, it made its way in the neighborhood somehow, eating from the garbage and taking shelter between the houses. It was trying to eat the food Michele was giving the mother cat under her porch. Michele shooed it away so that the mother could get the calories she so desperately needed – thin and homeless herself, feeding five babies.

Michele had found adoptive homes for most of the kittens, but I ran through some of the ways in which HPC could help. This was just the sort of support Michele needed, and we stayed in regular contact as the kittens grew. But I also suggested that we try to help this little black number. One morning I borrowed a trap from an HPC member and Michele picked me up. We set the trap and in waltzed the little black cat - no questions asked. Easiest trap in world history. Except for one hitch - the trap didn’t shut, and so out waltzed the cat.

We decided that we should let this go for a while – the weather was good and with Michele feeding it, the little black cat wasn’t going far. But something about the look in those yellow eyes that first day gave me hope.

Michele gave me regular updates about the black cat - it was hanging around for food; it was not running away when she approached; it was starting to vocalize, it was waiting for her when she got home; it was recognizing her car pull up; it was rubbing against her legs; it was letting her touch it; it was sitting on a cushion she left out for it; there would be no need to trap this cat, she would be able to pick it up and place it in a carrier.

Madison, namesake of the person who has done so much for her, is 9 months old but weighs less than 5 pounds. The last few days she has seen a lot of firsts: picked up by a person; put in a carrier; driven in a car; been indoors; visited the vet; used a litter tray; been brushed. She spent her first Thanksgiving safe and warm with a regular supply of food that she knows is all hers. She loves to be petted and brushed and she purrs a lot. She’s still a bit apprehensive but she’s learning to trust. And she’s a quick study.

I’ve spent a lot time these past few days thankful that Madison is inside as the weather worsens. I’ve also been thankful for people like Michele who notice and help the homeless cats in their neighborhood. And I’m thankful, as always, for Hyde Park Cats, because the hope in those little yellow eyes will not be disappointed.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Spats is one of four or possibly more cats living in an abandoned building near 62nd and Ellis.

Thanks Becky for the cat food and Janice for the towel donation! We accept donations of anything cat or dog related and if we can't use it we pass it on.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Ilaria is a very thankful kitty! She is thankful for:

  • fried chicken
  • tennis balls
  • yoga and especially the savasana (yoga resting) pose

    But you know what she would be really thankful for ... A FOREVER HOME OF HER OWN.

    This Thanksgiving, thank you to all the people who contribute to our project to help cats. Some of you help with donations of cat food; some of you cat-sit our foster cats; some of you cuddle cats at Animal Welfare League. Some of you send much-needed money. Some of you spend early mornings in your car full of cats on the way to and from the clinic. Some of you are out in the rain or snow trapping cats. Some of you spend countless hours organizing vet trips and adoption meetings. To every one of you who helps and cares, we thank you ... and the cats thank you.
  • Wednesday, November 24, 2010

    Martha: Home for the Holidays

    Kitten Martha (now Laddie) in her forever home. Martha as a foster kitten and when we rescued her from Animal Care and Control. Forever mom says that "Laddie loves to play with anything that makes noises. There is never a dull moment in this house I can tell you that one. The two cats play for hours on end and around 10pm when I get ready for bed they both cuddle on the end of the bed on their towels and fall asleep. Laddie does like to get up early in the morning and play with my hair until I wake up to feed her. Speaking of food, she loves to play with her dry food on the floor. She bats it around like it is a hockey puck then eats it. Bella and I watch her for hours while she plays with it."

    If you would like to bring a cat home for the holidays, check out our list of cats available for adoption.. We also have a continuing need for foster homes, including short-term foster homes. Every foster home we have literally means we can save one more cat from the street or from the pound. Right now we have many cats who are homeless, friendly cats living outside, because we do not have a foster home for them. Can you consider opening your home during these cold winter months? Email

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    Jack Sparrow Has Love to Give

    Jack Sparrow! Fostermom Laura S. says "he's super loving and is the best cuddler ever. His favorite activities are drinking out of the tap, playing with his catnip mouse, and cuddling." I think he may be the most handsome Hyde Park Cat ever. Those eyes, that nose! Swoon! See also Jack Sparrow. Capt. Sparrow is seeking a home with one or more people who are seeking some love in their lives. Anyone? Need love? We have it!

    Monday, November 22, 2010

    New colony

    New colony (at least new to us) needs a name and a caretaker. We would like to help these cats but our volunteer core is at capacity. If you live south of the midway and you can commit to feeding these cats, we can help you get free cat food. And if you want to help get these cats TNRed (trap-neuter-release), that would be wonderful: being neutered and vaccinated means they will have better physical resources for getting through the cold winter. Finding somebody to watch over them and feed them (and help gain their trust, in order to potentially get them off the streets) could be the difference between life and death. Literally.

    Colony maintainence and TNR isn't hard; it just takes some planning and commitment. We in the volunteer group are here to help and guide and work together with anybody who thinks they might want to learn. Once you get started it's fun!

    Sunday, November 21, 2010


    Kenya was found wandering alone on busy Hyde Park Blvd (51st St.), meowing for help. Construction workers said she had been meowing at passers-by for quite a while. She is a beautiful sleek young black cat (probably under one year) who loves to greet you with meows and purrs. Her favorite toy is wadded-up paper towels; she loves to bask in the sunlight. Kenya is very playful and even enjoys checking out the water in the bathtub. She loves to be petted and will curl up with you in bed. Her orange eyes are hypnotic!

    Fostermom Tameka points out that Kenya has just the cutest jet-black nose and a tiny white patch on the tip of her tail.

    Saturday, November 20, 2010

    Cassie and Kio

    Brother (gray boy Kio) and sister (black gal Cassie) just relaxing at fosterhome, looking all cool and suave. Kio and Cassie both enjoy playing with each other in a pretty low-key way but the evenings see the "kitten krazies" come out. Fostermom Katerina says both kitties love shiny things that jingle (and anything small that moves). She bought the kitties collars and tags and "for the first day and a half, neither cat could run any distance because the second they heard the collar jingle they would stop to bat at it. THis made for a very comical couple of hours." Neither kitty loves noise or large groups, but they will warm up to individual people after one or two encounters. Their comfort level with groups may increase over time but for now they both sleep in bed with a person, enjoy belly rubs, and are very affectionate in one-on-one encounters.

    Friday, November 19, 2010


    Jada is a very spirited girl! We picked up seven-month-old Jada from Animal Welfare League on one of our volunteer days. This gorgeous little lass is front-declawed, so she will need a home where she is not put outside. She loves to run and play with pretty much anything. She likes to cuddle, too, and is very affectionate. Fostermom says "if there is one word to describe her (aside from stunning for her lush silvery coat), it would definitely be playful."

    The next AWL Volunteer Day is TOMORROW, Saturday November 20th. To find out more email Also tomorrow: our Adoption Event at Parkers Pets, 1342 E. 55th St., from 12-3. We will have some adorable adoptable kittehs to ooh and ah over, and our adoption coordinator will be there to answer your questions about our policies and cats.

    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    Ollie formerly Elsa

    Ollie, previously Elsawas trapped in the alley behind St. Thomas church. Look at him now!. He is the cutest and most adorable! Fostermom Vicky says Ollie greets you by scampering over your feet. He loves to play with toys and hides them behind the couch, and is always "amazed" when you pull them out again. Ollie is very playful but also nicely mannered. He has a wee little meow and doesn't put up a fuss when you leave the room. He is extremely snuggly, likes belly rubs, and rubs his face against yours.

    SATURDAY: 12-3, Adoption Event at Parkers Pets. If you are considering bringing a furry companion into your life, please consider adopting from us. We'll have some of our furry adoptables available for viewing.

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010


    Arancio is a gorgeous longish-haired orange and white kitten, about three or four months, found near 51st and Cottage Grove. Here he is sending thoughtwaves to fostermom suggesting that nothing on that laptop could possibly be more enticing than snoogling with a nice warm kitteh.

    Thanks to Mike H. and Ginny L. for recent donations!

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    Ginger and Lola

    Ginger (tortie) and Lola (black with a stealth white bit on the tum tum) arrived in Hyde Park on Saturday. They had been abandoned by their owner in South Shore, and their human neighbor Kenesha took them in and searched until she found a rescue spot for them. Thank you Kenesha! These kitties are between six and nine months old, perfectly sweet and social, and just gorgeous. I love me some torties!

    Saturday, November 13, 2010

    Louie Le Roi


    Louis Le Roi is just a big love. He is the king of kneading and actually does this thing where if you are kind of lying down and in bed with him, he will get on top of you and put his arms around your neck and hug you while purring. He is also very much a cuddler and not too terribly active. He adores fostergirl and all the attention she gives him. He loves to cuddle and sleep in the bed with you, and is just a darling, affectionate, almost dog-like cat. He loves kneading so much that if you are not sitting with him or holding him--for instance if he is on the floor and you are standing there with him--he will walk up to you and knead with his back paws on your foot. It looks like he is trying to rev a motorcycle!

    Volunteer Catherine met Louis at our most recent volunteer day at AWL and fell in love and couldn't help herself, so we pulled him out! He is available for immediate adoption.

    Charlie and Ruthie

    Some adventures in North Kenwood of Ruthie and Charlie, a brother-sister pair seeking an indoor home.

    Friday, November 12, 2010

    Thursday, November 11, 2010


    Siegel is from our satellite site in the Pullman neighborhood, managed by Heather S. She writes about Siegel: "He is estimated to be about a year old (based on his immaculately clean teeth!) and had been living in a yard for several months. He was covered in fleas and burrs matted into his beautiful fur but he is all cleaned up and fuzzy now. Siegel is the perpetually kneading and purring kitty. As soon as a person comes into his room he starts purring and rolling and kneading. He will even roll on his back and knead the air. He is so cute and loves attention and laps and smashing his head into people. He makes little peeping and humming noises rather than meowing. He is very calm and just loves it when someone sits with him so he can curl up on their lap (and knead, of course). He is one of the cuddliest softest kitties I've ever met! I think he is so happy to be inside now he just likes to get in his squishy cat bed and makes no attempt at all to leave the bathroom where is is staying until he gets his forever home. He likes NPR (favorite commentator: Robert Siegel) and LOVES to be brushed and combed now that his fur is all cleaned up. He is an awesome kitty, seriously. Insanely cute. Also, please note his enormous lion feet. They are monstrous. So cute."

    Siegel is available for immediate adoption.

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010


    Pint-sized Elsa was trapped at midnight a few nights ago in the alley behind St. Thomas church and school. This alley has yielded numerous stray and feral cats over the last few years, and Vicky fights the good fight. She says,in these pics, "Elsa was trying out her 'escape from Alcatraz', and discovered, sadly, that there is no secret tunnel under the sink. So she just decided to hang there for a while." One mere day later Vicky reports that "she now purrs a ton when I pet her, and squirms around on her back." Stay tuned for improved pictures of what is sure to be a gorgeous kitten.

    Thanks Sara O. for the food and litter donation.

    Tuesday, November 9, 2010


    Zucca is about to start her own youtube tutoral on eyeliner application. Formerly an outdoor cat, Zucca was brought to us by Michele in Woodlawn (purrs to you!!!) who wanted her to have a cushy life befitting this elegant and loving lass. She is now spayed and ready to find a forever home of her own. Fostermom Ashley says "She is really sweet and will sometimes cuddle in bed with me. She has taken to following me around (which is difficult when you are trying to cook dinner!) and was really sweet and affectionate when one of my friends came over to meet her (she wasn't scared at all)." Available for adoption!

    Don't forget to buy your calendar!

    Monday, November 8, 2010

    Champagne-Furbana kittehs

    Two new sightings from Champagne-Furbana. These homeless kittehs are facing the winter outside. If you are interested in opening your home to foster them, please email

    Sunday, November 7, 2010


    Benji wants your love. Wants to play. Just wants to play and love! Two simple desires. Can you fulfill them?

    Friday, November 5, 2010

    AWL Volunteer Day

    Hyde Park Cats volunteers did a second day of volunteering at AWL (the Animal Welfare League). Volunteers helped clean cages and give kitty cats some love and attention. One of our volunteers also held a sick and emaciated kitty while she died. Hyde Park Cats does not have a shelter facility, so our visits to AWL allow for a look at a different side of animal rescue. We plan on organizing a monthly visit to this needy Southside shelter. Please join us.

    Volunteer Kim reports that the highlight of the time for her was "managing to coax a very frail, elderly (~12 years old) cat from the back of her cage and cuddle with her for about half an hour. She had hidden so far back that none of us knew there was an animal in the cage at first!"

    Big hugs and purrs to volunteers Chelsea, Emily, Ruth, Meng, Kim, Zarinah, the five members of the University of Chicago student group (PAWS Chicago) and especially Catherine. Please write to us at to get hooked up for our next visit to AWL. Your hugs and pets are badly needed by the cats in their facility.

    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    Little Mountain Lion

    Little Mountain Lion ... formerly known as Harper (formerly formerly known as Free Cat). Forevermom, real Forevermom, says "he is settling in to his new home, one day at a time. He and I already have a a great relationship, and he is becoming more and more secure in his new surroundings. Although at first he didn't like the loud noises made by the freight trains that pass near our apartment, he pretends to ignore them now. On the other hand, nothing distracts him from playtime!" Mazel tov, LION! Happy life!

    Lion and many other of our rescued and outdoor cats are featured in our fabulous (if I do say so myself) 2011 Calendar. Pick yours up locally at Parker's Pets, 1324 E 55th St., or email for a campus pick-up location. We can also snail- mail calendars.

    Wednesday, November 3, 2010


    The lyrical beauty of this little girl will move you. The vibrancy in her eyes, the expressiveness of her white-haired eyebrows and her handsome tuxedo markings. Playful Ilaria entertains herself for hours with little balls but especially loves it if you wave a wand about for her. Affectionate too, she loves to snuggle and will jump into your arms to give hugs and kisses when she's dying to be close to you. She spends parts of her days dreamily gazing out the window wondering who might be awaiting her arrival "home."

    Monday, November 1, 2010

    Leo Lionni

    Handsome Leo Lionni here was formerly known as Basement Cat, and had a home, of sorts, in a basement that was really the property of some housecats, and while he had some food and warmth he lived the tough life of an unowned cat. Now his caretaker has gotten him inside and squared away with us. He's available for immediate adoption! Fostermom Emily says she has trouble getting him out of her lap for long enough to take a photo, and that "once he gets going, he just wants to crawl into your lap and purr and knead."

    Leo Lionni was a beloved children's book author. I think this kitty resembles LL's creations, but he also has big lion paws like a leo -- or a lion!

    2011 Calendars now available

    Our 2011 Hyde Park Cats Calendars are now available!

    To purchase:

    Locally, calendars are available at Parkers Pets (starting tomorrow), 1342 E. 55th St.

    We will send calendars via mail for $15 (for the first; you can purchase up to three more at ten dollars each. After that please contact us for shipping charges). You can send the money via Paypal; (please note calendar), or email for an address to send a check.

    Thanks to United Fulfillment for helping us out on this project!