Friday, November 5, 2010

AWL Volunteer Day

Hyde Park Cats volunteers did a second day of volunteering at AWL (the Animal Welfare League). Volunteers helped clean cages and give kitty cats some love and attention. One of our volunteers also held a sick and emaciated kitty while she died. Hyde Park Cats does not have a shelter facility, so our visits to AWL allow for a look at a different side of animal rescue. We plan on organizing a monthly visit to this needy Southside shelter. Please join us.

Volunteer Kim reports that the highlight of the time for her was "managing to coax a very frail, elderly (~12 years old) cat from the back of her cage and cuddle with her for about half an hour. She had hidden so far back that none of us knew there was an animal in the cage at first!"

Big hugs and purrs to volunteers Chelsea, Emily, Ruth, Meng, Kim, Zarinah, the five members of the University of Chicago student group (PAWS Chicago) and especially Catherine. Please write to us at to get hooked up for our next visit to AWL. Your hugs and pets are badly needed by the cats in their facility.

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Ruth said...

All this is so true. Kudos especially to Catherine who identified the cat who was in such a bad way and held it in a blanket as it was euthanaized. AWL visits are wrenching and rewarding at the same time. The staff do a great job but have so many needy animals to deal with. I found that just being in the room where all the cats are in their cages and cuddling and talking to one had a calming effect on all the others. I hope these visits become a regular feature of the great work HPC does.