Sunday, November 21, 2010


Kenya was found wandering alone on busy Hyde Park Blvd (51st St.), meowing for help. Construction workers said she had been meowing at passers-by for quite a while. She is a beautiful sleek young black cat (probably under one year) who loves to greet you with meows and purrs. Her favorite toy is wadded-up paper towels; she loves to bask in the sunlight. Kenya is very playful and even enjoys checking out the water in the bathtub. She loves to be petted and will curl up with you in bed. Her orange eyes are hypnotic!

Fostermom Tameka points out that Kenya has just the cutest jet-black nose and a tiny white patch on the tip of her tail.


lakshmi said...

so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like one of mine. She's a black cat with spindly legs who's quite the little talker.

Anonymous said...

I hope Kenya finds a forever home real soon. She is sooo beautiful.