Thursday, April 29, 2010

Va Va Voom Torties!

There is no more beautifully intricate and amazing fur coat in the world, in my opinion, than a tortoiseshell cat. Look at these ladies! Pattie and Tricia came to us from the Bridgeport neighborhood. Their owners had moved and left their cats behind -- not just Tricia and Pattie but also their boyfriends, Owl and Theo (also available for adoption).

Pattie is as sweet as she is pretty - this companionable cat likes nothing better than to curl up next to you, or on you, and purr and march. She can do that for hours. Pattie likes face to face contact, is very easy going and affectionate.

Tricia also loves contact and companionship but will spend some of her time with you playing too. She has very long slim limbs and tail and likes to stretch her long fine limbs by chasing toys and hunting for things.

Pattie and Tricia are thoroughly domesticated and will fit seamlessly into a home environment. They get along extremely well together - perhaps they are sisters or a mother-daughter team. They sleep together at night and engage in lively mutual grooming. They are used to living with other cats too, so would be fine in a multi-cat household.

Pattie and Tricia are both spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, negative for FIV and FeLK, litterbox trained and also GORGEOUS. They can be adopted separately, together, or with one of their boyfriends. Or you can adopt all four!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Houdini is an absolutely ravishing young male cat who came in from the streets of Woodlawn. This handsome "Russian Blue" style cat is neutered, neg/neg, and up to date on vaccinations. Handsome Houdini is very friendly. He loves purring, being petted, attention, and being your friend. Houdini is only available until April 30; after that, he will enter the PAWS adoption program. Wouldn't it be nicer to get him a home here in his stomping grounds?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bridgeport Boys

Aimee, who runs our Petfinder page, got a call about four cats at an abandoned home in Bridgeport. Nobody would help the four cats there. Well, when everyone else says no, ask Aimee, because she's a sucker softie, and so Aimee and Ruth went to Bridgeport and rescued the four cats from becoming hardened street cases. These four cats are all friendlies, sweet and lovely, but were dumped outside their house when the people who owned them moved. The landlord threated to poison and/or shoot them because they messed up his patio funiture cushions. They were just waiting and waiting for their people to come back. Of course they never did.

Pictured here are Theo (gray and white) and his friend Owl (orange and white). This is them on their way from their "spa" day at Treehouse to their loving fosterhome with Thandiwe and Jonathan.

These two boys are darlings. And wait until you see the girls they were with--va va voom torties! Stay tuned for more pix and updates. All the Bridgeport Four are available for adoption and can be adopted in pairs or singly. If you want all four, you can have all four, too!

Thanks to Patricia and Elaine for calling about these cats and for the donation to defray their vet care. Thanks to Aimee and Ruth for schlepping them!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


BLUMA is missing. She is a 3 year old tabby cat last seen on 04/20/10 on 54th st and Harper Ave. Very friendly but may be scared. If you sight her call 773-592-4519 or 716-680-2167.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

JUNIPER kittens

JUNIPER KITTENS. Adoption process is now open!

Four boys!!! Kittens must be adopted in pairs; an application form and a fee are required (we are discounting our regular rate because we are requiring adoption in pairs). Email for info.

TOTO is the smaller black kitten ... with a white spot on the tum tum!!!!

FIDO is the gray kitty with a white bib -- just like mom's! The most outgoing of the bunch.

ROXY is the brown tabby. Loves his mommy.

REX is the marginally bigger black kitten -- also with a white place on the tummy!!!!

JUNIPER is the black cat with a white bib -- mamma cat -- she is a shy kitty. She has lived outside, in the Black and White Cat World colony, for several years. We don't know if she was born outside. She would like a quiet and understanding home where she can relax and come out of her shell at her own pace.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sweet Pea Kittens

SWEET PEA KITTENS. Adoption process is now open!
Warning: the post below contains images of extreme cuteness. Please, if you are sensitive to images containing cuteness, only view the below with a friend or family member standing by. Hyde Park Cats cannot be held responsible for injury, such as passing out, incurred while viewing teh qute. Read on at your own risk.

Sweet Pea (also available for adoption -- scroll down for picture) is a beautiful young black-and-white cat who decided to have her litter right smack dab in a construction site at the U of C campus. Construction workers found her kittens in a ditch. Hyde Park Cats was mobilized, picked up the kittens, trapped Sweet Pea, and brought them all to the loving fosterhome of Mireille, where they have all revelled in the indoor life.

Manga (black with grey underbelly fuzz): thus named because of his/her (?) resemblance to the aesthetics of a Japanese animé. Crazy-cute eyes, crazy-cute longish SUPER-soft hair. That's the adventurer in the bunch and definitely the playful type. Always playing with fostermom's toes. S/he loves to sit on fostermom's lap and stare at her with his/her blue eyes. Fostermom says "I die several times a day because of this kitty."

Truffle (mostly black with white socks and white under-neck and under-belly - pretty much a mini-mom look-alike). LOVES to be petted. She's got a very slender frame and shorter hair than her siblings.

Chutney (mostly white, but with large black patches and the cutest little black patch on the chin)such a cutsie. She is so sweet and her hair is very fluffy. She and Manga are often the ones playing with each other. She loves a good belly rub.

Pistou (mostly white with a few black spot on the back and a black tail): the cuddliest one of all. Like Chutney, he loves a good belly rub.

As of 4/20/10 kittens have not been spay/neutered and sexes are a guess. Kittens will be fixed and vaxed prior to being placed in their forever homes. Kittens must be adopted in pairs; an application form and a fee are required (we are discounting our regular rate because we are requiring adoption in pairs). Email for info.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Playful Kobi

Kobi is playful! And awesome! Why don't you adopt him? He plays with strings! He sits on laps! He participates in playdates!. Kobi is a great family cat in search of his family.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


This is Mamico, for "Mama Calico." She's Diane's newest target (Mamico is hovering around the northern edge of Black and White Cat World). We know Mamico has a litter stashed somewhere -- she moved them before Diane could trap -- but we don't know where, so won't TNR Mamico until we know her kittens are safe. With luck we'll get them too.

Thanks Amy M. for the donation and to Ruth and Cliff for the "tip"! And thanks to Florence W. for donating to the Washington Park dogs!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lintballs Update

Updated photos of The Lintballs! These kitties were brought to ACC without their mama. Mama may have been out hunting, or she may have met a sad end ... we'll never know. What we do know is that these kittens were lovingly bottle-fed and hand-raised by Megg M. and now they're ready to find their forever homes.

Vasco da Gama and Ginger Pizarro were named after explorers for their adventurous natures. Vasco in particular loves to check out new places and is extremely independent. Hoover is a nut (named for the vacuum cleaner after his style of nursing). Bebel was named for Bebel Gilberto because Megg's son decided she was a Brazilian lady with punch. She's the most devoted to people of the lot, but they are all very people-centered (having imprinted on people rather than cats). All are very snuggly and playful.

Top to bottom, we have Vasco de Gama (male); Ginger with Bebel (both females); another picture of Vasco; Ginger and Hoover; and two pictures of Bebel. Hoover is a male. Bebel and Ginger are best friends, as are Vasco and Hoover, but they all get along well. Hoover and Vasco have a favorite stuffed monkey they like to sleep with.

Email for an adoption application. UPDATE: GINGER is no longer available.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Meet your new best friend.

Sandie came in last week from a colony in Woodlawn as part of the 1000-TNRed-cats-in-2010 project. This young guy is very very friendly and settled into his foster home right away, no glitches. He’s a very sweet boy with a big appetite for physical affection and food (even human!). He likes to talk and can be very vocal in demanding your attention. Sandie is neutered, FIV and FeLV negative, and up-to-date on his shots. Adopt Sandie!