Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sweet Pea Kittens

SWEET PEA KITTENS. Adoption process is now open!
Warning: the post below contains images of extreme cuteness. Please, if you are sensitive to images containing cuteness, only view the below with a friend or family member standing by. Hyde Park Cats cannot be held responsible for injury, such as passing out, incurred while viewing teh qute. Read on at your own risk.

Sweet Pea (also available for adoption -- scroll down for picture) is a beautiful young black-and-white cat who decided to have her litter right smack dab in a construction site at the U of C campus. Construction workers found her kittens in a ditch. Hyde Park Cats was mobilized, picked up the kittens, trapped Sweet Pea, and brought them all to the loving fosterhome of Mireille, where they have all revelled in the indoor life.

Manga (black with grey underbelly fuzz): thus named because of his/her (?) resemblance to the aesthetics of a Japanese animé. Crazy-cute eyes, crazy-cute longish SUPER-soft hair. That's the adventurer in the bunch and definitely the playful type. Always playing with fostermom's toes. S/he loves to sit on fostermom's lap and stare at her with his/her blue eyes. Fostermom says "I die several times a day because of this kitty."

Truffle (mostly black with white socks and white under-neck and under-belly - pretty much a mini-mom look-alike). LOVES to be petted. She's got a very slender frame and shorter hair than her siblings.

Chutney (mostly white, but with large black patches and the cutest little black patch on the chin)such a cutsie. She is so sweet and her hair is very fluffy. She and Manga are often the ones playing with each other. She loves a good belly rub.

Pistou (mostly white with a few black spot on the back and a black tail): the cuddliest one of all. Like Chutney, he loves a good belly rub.

As of 4/20/10 kittens have not been spay/neutered and sexes are a guess. Kittens will be fixed and vaxed prior to being placed in their forever homes. Kittens must be adopted in pairs; an application form and a fee are required (we are discounting our regular rate because we are requiring adoption in pairs). Email for info.


lakshmi said...

I really did have to hold on to the desk for a moment, there. WOW.

Mireille said...

Laks, make sure your mom read the warning at the beginning of the post before you show her the pictures ;) They really are adorable, aren't they?

K said...

Oh my goodness. I had to go snuggle my cats after looking at this. It's like seeing them as kittens, and I so missed out that because I adopted them when they were already grown. Oh kittens.....

margaret said...

These photos are making me melt. So beautiful.