Thursday, April 1, 2010

happy ending update: Graham

Erin wrote in: "Just thought I'd give you a Graham update, since it's been a little over a year since you've seen him. I attached pictures of him in a couple of his favorite napping spots, but contrary to the pictures he's actually still a pretty energetic and highly strung guy. At the moment, he's attacking the rug because he thinks there's something underneath it (there's not), and he regularly goes on rampages around my apartment where he skids into furniture because I have wood floors." Graham, previously Twinkletoes, was a resident of the MJK Alley, first documented in July of 2008. Happy continued ending to Erin and Graham


Ruth said...

Kind of Graham to show us his toes in that second photo. What a sweetie - thanks to his carers for the update.

margaret said...

Hooray!! What a handsome boy, and he looks very loved.