Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lintballs Update

Updated photos of The Lintballs! These kitties were brought to ACC without their mama. Mama may have been out hunting, or she may have met a sad end ... we'll never know. What we do know is that these kittens were lovingly bottle-fed and hand-raised by Megg M. and now they're ready to find their forever homes.

Vasco da Gama and Ginger Pizarro were named after explorers for their adventurous natures. Vasco in particular loves to check out new places and is extremely independent. Hoover is a nut (named for the vacuum cleaner after his style of nursing). Bebel was named for Bebel Gilberto because Megg's son decided she was a Brazilian lady with punch. She's the most devoted to people of the lot, but they are all very people-centered (having imprinted on people rather than cats). All are very snuggly and playful.

Top to bottom, we have Vasco de Gama (male); Ginger with Bebel (both females); another picture of Vasco; Ginger and Hoover; and two pictures of Bebel. Hoover is a male. Bebel and Ginger are best friends, as are Vasco and Hoover, but they all get along well. Hoover and Vasco have a favorite stuffed monkey they like to sleep with.

Email for an adoption application. UPDATE: GINGER is no longer available.

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Martha said...

Each one is more kitten-delicious than the next. They look like they should be chocolate box kitties. What a terrific job Megg M. has done!