Tuesday, August 31, 2010

AIM? or MIA? or IAMs?

Pauvre Mireille. We gave her a special assignment this summer: three unrelated kittens -- Achilles, Istria, and Martha (after momcat Minette went to her forever home). Oh, poor Mireille, forced to endure weeks of kitten antics and fuzzy faces. If you are interested in being a fosterparent to needy cats and kittens, email us at hydeparkcats@gmail.com. We provide the veterinary care and a starter kit of food and litter. Other fosterers are always available to give support and advice. Foster a cat!

Thanks to some folks who donated stuff: Ginny, thanks for the bowls and towel; Katherine G., thanks for the food, and Tom and Christine, thanks for the litterbox and the food. Your worn-out towels are particularly welcome. If anybody has straw to donate we would use it for outdoor cats.

Monday, August 30, 2010


This weekend we took in a cat who has been an outdoor stray in the neighborhood for at least a year. The folks who had been caretaking Minou are leaving the neighborhood and were very concerned about making sure their outside friend was not abandoned. Cindy told me that "it took her a while for her to trust us, but now, or many many months of her getting to know us is very comfortable with us. She is at our back door every morning and while she is waiting for her food she also wants us to pet her/talk to her. Over a the last year we have gotten to the point where she likes to come in our back door and sit on a mat we have there. She watches what is going on in the house (loading dishwasher, getting the kids ready for school). I can pick her up, and I pet her daily when I feed her and she will even paw at the door from the outside if she sees me through the door/window." Cindy also says "She is totally loving if she trusts you."

Before leaving town Cindy had kitty vet-checked and ... she's a boy. Minou is about two, healthy, vaxed, neutered, and seeking a new home! We find him sweet, calm, likes rubs. Cool cat with good manners. Big lion paws.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Englewood mama

Mama was caught on camera nursing her brood, but seems to have moved the kittens. The area is under observation. Keep your fingers crossed that we can find and trap this litter! Thanks to Windy and Ian for caring.

Thanks to Cindy and to Allison for recent food donations!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Brownie is an incredibly sweet young (approximately a year old) special needs boycat, found in the alley. He is neutered, had all shots, is microchipped and looking for a caring home. Brownie has been just diagnosed with Feline Leukemia, but is otherwise healthy and very affectionate. All he wants is a lap to curl up in and a person to purr for. He loves his friskies salmon shreds, he's litterbox trained and neat. And he has beautiful eyes! Please contact cathelper@gmail.com if you are interested in meeting or adopting him.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Recent adoptions: Peanut! Pym and Luna together! Fawn! Sfama! Juniper and Dudley (both "foster failures") And all six Sophie kittens have found forever homes.

By my count, this brings us to NINETY FIVE cats adopted directly through Hyde Park Cats. (We have also brought numerous cats to PAWS and Treehouse for adoption through their programs.)

Pictured here are Mimi and Isabella, who were removed from the MJK Alley, our first project. Mimi is the original, the first HPC cat! She was brought to Treehouse and ... adopted by MJK herself. She now resides right here in Hyde Park, a treasured and pampered (and fat) housecat.

WHO will be the hundredth cat adopted through Hyde Park Cats? Vote now!

Will it be ...

96 Tashma
97 Sophie
98-99 Achilles and Istria
100 ........ Harper

The reader(s) who accurately predict the next five adoptions wins ... a FREE CAT! Ha ha ha just kidding. We'd never give away one of our cats! Leave your "fantasy cat adoption" draft picks in the comments.

LATE BREAKING NEWS. Last night we learned that Pattie and Tricia's long-term fosterers have decided to adopt them. So that brings our new total to 97!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Harper and Peanut updates

Harper (formerly known as FREE CAT is doing well in fostermom Amy's home. He loves affection. He loves having his face stroked but isn't much of an in-your-face cat. He has very wide-set eyes of a slight almond shape and the longest eyelashes ever seen on a cat. His eyes are a lovely jade color. He loves having his head rubbed - but not his tummy. The stuff on his eyes is just tears; it is much worse in pictures than in person and is merely cosmetic. He would prefer a quieter home where he can feel secure and loved.

And Peanut is off the market!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Five tiny kittens

Five tiny kittens "bait" a trap in Englewood (another Southside neighborhood). Please, Mama cat, please go in.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Peanut on the market

Peanut has passed his physical and is now neutered. He is ready to go home! He's just five months old and a sweet kitten. And look at that striped outfit he is wearing. He would make a great companion for your resident kitty.

Thanks to Dru and to Jacob and Karen for their donations! We do accept and appreciate donations of food, litter, cat scratchers, and etc. that your cats no longer need or use. No used litterboxes, though.

Pym and his toes

Pym and his orange female fostersibling Luna are available for adoption!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tashma the Brave

Video of Tashma investigating the monster that is the (turned-off) dustbuster. Tashma is an affectionate and lovely young female, still seeking her forever home! More pics.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Alley cats

Don't be shy, guys. Dig right in.

Dinner at the MJK alley. Your donations help us feed these and other outdoor cats.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Peanut, get yer Peanut. Peanut was found by one of our previous adopters. Word must've gotten out that Ben is a compassionate cat-loving soul because this little guy just showed up the other morning. He came back a few days later and was then taken in. Ben says "He looks emaciated to me. I put out a bowl of water and food and he immediately started to chow down ... but he also immediately wanted to be petted." Peanut was not neutered. This situation is currently being addressed and pending the completion of his veterinary record he will be available for adoption. Ben says he's a "beautiful little cat."

Sunday, August 15, 2010


That punim says it all.

Istria, the kitten we met at Istria cafe, is coming along wonderfully. She's healthy and happy and loves her adopted brother, Achilles.

Previous Istria posts

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Luna missed last week's orangey cat special. She's our latest intake, an adorable buff kitten with a sweet monkeyface. We would like Luna to go home with Pym and they promise you hours and days and weeks and years of orangey luv.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Sugar is being forced out of her home because her owners had a baby. They have already brought Sugar's male companion to Animal Care and Control. Sugar is seeking a new home or fosterspace ASAP. If you are interested in fostering or adopting her, please contact Toni McNaughton at tonimcn@rcn.com or 312.855.1225, or Lisa Ward at eward@spencerstuart.com (Feline Friends, one of the organizations we work with -- they specialize in cats being given up by owners).

Sugar is a 5 year old big ol' ball of love who has been with her current family since she was a kitten. She enjoys long walks in the bed in the morning and will purr you to sleep at night; she loves to be petted and is a world champion snuggler.

People! Having a cat and a baby are not mutually exclusive! If you or someone you know is having a baby and contemplating getting rid of your cats, please write to us first. Several of our members have had babies in the last few years and can talk to you about this life change. You do not have to give up your pets. Your pets and your children will enrich each others' lives. We promise!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mamico and Naru

Mamico was caught! Here she is with one of her young ones, Naru, on their way to their TNR services. Two of the many outdoor (neither feral nor housecat), these beautiful kitties have a steady source of food and access to shelter, so they will stay outside and we will continue to TNR their family. Watch this hilarious video of Naru.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Sfama (previous post on her, then called Safam) is one of the cutest cats we've had. That punim, those jellybean pawpads! Sfama is spayed (she was six weeks preganant when we found her!), neg/neg, vaxed, and ... I mean really, what else do you need to know? Lookit that fan of whiskers! Those big eyes! She loves cuddling, and likes to be close, but is also good at giving you space. She loves to play with "the bird." She uses her velvet paws to get your attention. She enjoys being pet so much that she will fall off the chair.

She is quiet and rarely meows; we believe she would really like a feline or perhaps canine playmate. She's a petite girl, soft as silk, with a pink pearl nose.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Orangey cat stupid pet tricks

Tashma impersonates a bunny

Fawn can make a donut with her tail

Luna (our newest intake) plays tug-of-war

All these cats are available for adoption! And also -- Bill the cat was found! (see comments in the post for full story)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

LOST orange cat: BILL

Help Jake find Bill:

"We just moved to the neighborhood and one of our three cats, Bill, managed to get out last night. My fiance is away for the weekend, and I would REALLY like to find him before she gets back, or my name is mud.


Orange cat weekend: Feline Friends

This week we've brought you some of our wonderful orange/ginger/marmalade/buff/champagne cats for adoption (Fawn, Pym, Tashma -- and wait until you meet Luna)! If you don't like any of ours ... how about Clarence, Dreamy, Chauncy, or Russell? These boys are with Feline Friends, one of our partner organizations.


Dreamy is an affectionate (though shy with new faces) buff one-year-old male that is just looking for the next lap to call his own. At his current foster home he is always running over to the couch hoping for a snuggle. He loves playing and wrestling with the other kitties in his fosterhome and needs a home with a feline companion. He loves to be brushed and his only protest might be that you missed a spot. Dreamy is FIV+, but very healthy and on no medication.


Chauncey was left behind when his family moved. Chauncey is very laid back and he is great with kids! Give him something to eat and a window to look out of and he is a happy boy. We feel he will get along with a dog. He also likes to be brushed.


Clarence is an adorable orange and white tabby, about 2 years old, who was originally found during a feral cat TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) project. The volunteers involved in the project quickly realized Clarence was not feral…he’s incredibly loving and friendly, and must have been a beloved household companion at some point in his life. Clarence is an expert at "making biscuits" and is full of sweet charm. He does bear some scars and marks from his time on the streets…but his personality quickly overcomes his somewhat "rough around the edges" appearance. Clarence is FIV+.


Russell was found as a tiny kitten. The person who took him in decided she no longer wanted him once he wasn’t a tiny kitten anymore, and he was abandoned. Russell is a relaxed boy who likes to sit in the window at his foster person’s house--when not playing with his current foster roommate, Penelope, that is. He would very much like to have a young and playful companion when he finds his forever family

Friday, August 6, 2010

orange cat week: Pym

Pym after a play session. Pym is an orangedorable little guy seeking a fun and loving home.

original Pym post

Thanks to Joan F. for the donation and Laura S. for covering Luna's vet visit!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Orangey cat week continues: Naru

Narooooo? Narooooo?

Naru is being fixed today at ACS and will be returned to his outdoor place. He is one of many cats in the Woodlawn area who are fed and given some sort of shelter but not really kept as pet cats. We are working on TNRing Naru's catfamily and will assist their humans as appropriate. Personally I thought he was saying Narkoum, my sister thought Markoo, but Diane trapped him so he's Naru!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Orangey cat week continues: Pym and Tashma

We've put orange kitten boy Pym with orange kitten teen Tashma together ... so far results have been mixed. Pym wants to play! Tashma may not have had a kitten sibling when she was younger because she seems to only want to love up her fostermom. In this picture, you see Pym courting a smackdown in three ... two ... one ...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Orange cat week: Tashma finds camo!

Where is Tashma? Where did she go? I can't find her anywhere!

Tashma is a superloving people-centered young (1 year or under) girl available for immediate adoption. She was rescued from a small colony where she was being chased by the tomcats.

Thanks so much to recent donors Joanne D., Rhonda S., and Diana A., who contributed "in memory of Beardog."

Orangey cat week: Fawn

Fawn came to us a little while ago from the MJK alley. She may have been dumped there as she just showed up one day and wasn't sure what to make of things. She was spayed and sent to fostermom Kristen, whose loving and calming influence has done Fawn a world of good. Kristen says Fawn might do best in a one- or two-person family -- "she gets very attached and likes to follow me ... with too many people I fear she'd stay distant or even skittish. She's very obedient, quiet, and responsive. She loves hanging out in your lap for as long you're sitting and even across your chest if you lounge enough." She is also quite smart (for instance, she knows what picking up keys means.) So -- you who are seeking a cat to luv you and pet you and keep you warm ... adopt Fawn!

More pix of Fawn looking particularly fetching

Special this week: ginger/orange/champagne/marmalade/buff cats!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Saturday around 4:30 pm a new acquaintance, upon learning of the work of Hyde Park Cats said "I passed a carrier with a cat in it, near the grocery, with a 'free cat' sign on it." The two volunteers to whom this was said, who happened to be in the middle of an Indian-food cooking lesson, immediately drove to the grocery store. Two other volunteers had already come upon this cat, completely by chance. By this time the cat had been in the carrier, outside, for at least a couple hours.

Yes, that is correct. Right here in our neighborhood a cat had been abandoned in a carrier on a street corner, with no food or water, available to any dogfighter, drug addict, hoarder, etc. FREE CAT the sign said, with a phone number.

FREE CAT. Cowering in carrier, standing in his own pee.

Unbelievably, FREE CAT's "owner" answered the phone number left on the sign taped to the carrier. He even came over to meet us, apparently having dropped his child off at a playdate, to tell us that the cat is nine years old and the family is moving. Nine-year-old FREE CAT sat forlornly in the carrier without a meow. Former owner, who is a fully employed academic, seemed to think abandoning the cat like this was a good solution to his problem. He asked us if we'd prefer it had he brought the cat to a shelter where he might be humanely euthanized. (Why yes! we would indeed prefer that!) He also said "if you're going to scold me, maybe I won't give him to you."

The cat carrier was quickly stowed inside my car and driven to a safe location. He didn't ask to say goodbye.

Harper (the name of the street he was abandoned on) is a ginger-champagne male. He has lived with a feline companion. He is now in a calm and loving fosterhome and so far is quiet and submissive; no aggression even in a scary situation. He enjoys catnip and brushing. And petting. He is a good boy. We are seeking a loving forever home for this valiant gentleman.

2-video Sunday

kittens! available for adoption!