Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Orangey cat week: Fawn

Fawn came to us a little while ago from the MJK alley. She may have been dumped there as she just showed up one day and wasn't sure what to make of things. She was spayed and sent to fostermom Kristen, whose loving and calming influence has done Fawn a world of good. Kristen says Fawn might do best in a one- or two-person family -- "she gets very attached and likes to follow me ... with too many people I fear she'd stay distant or even skittish. She's very obedient, quiet, and responsive. She loves hanging out in your lap for as long you're sitting and even across your chest if you lounge enough." She is also quite smart (for instance, she knows what picking up keys means.) So -- you who are seeking a cat to luv you and pet you and keep you warm ... adopt Fawn!

More pix of Fawn looking particularly fetching

Special this week: ginger/orange/champagne/marmalade/buff cats!


Diane H said...

Who was Fawn on the phone with?

Ruth said...


Anonymous said...


lilolady said...

Fawn is such the pretty girl - and SMART too, able to use the phone and all.

I hope she gets a wonderful forever home soon.