Friday, August 13, 2010


Sugar is being forced out of her home because her owners had a baby. They have already brought Sugar's male companion to Animal Care and Control. Sugar is seeking a new home or fosterspace ASAP. If you are interested in fostering or adopting her, please contact Toni McNaughton at or 312.855.1225, or Lisa Ward at (Feline Friends, one of the organizations we work with -- they specialize in cats being given up by owners).

Sugar is a 5 year old big ol' ball of love who has been with her current family since she was a kitten. She enjoys long walks in the bed in the morning and will purr you to sleep at night; she loves to be petted and is a world champion snuggler.

People! Having a cat and a baby are not mutually exclusive! If you or someone you know is having a baby and contemplating getting rid of your cats, please write to us first. Several of our members have had babies in the last few years and can talk to you about this life change. You do not have to give up your pets. Your pets and your children will enrich each others' lives. We promise!


Zoe said...

Here is a very helpful article on introducing pets and babies. It has a lot of great advice on how to prepare for the transition, and how to help your pet adjust, all in the interest of keeping baby safe.

Additionally, this is one of many articles suggesting that early exposure to pets can prevent the development of allergies to them later in life.

Anonymous said...

Good point Zoe and very sad that owners consider their cats so disposable!! As pointed out, there is no reason to give up a pet just because you have or are having a baby. That poor cat that was taken to AC&C is probably terrified and will be put down. That's the thanks it gets for being a loving pet. Really tragic.

Diane H said...

Kitty Maeve was very attentive to Baby Maeve and let me know if she thought the baby had been crying long enough, thank you very much. Baby Maeve is now Grown-Up Maeve and has her own Murphy and Freddie who keep her on the straight and narrow.

Anonymous said...

My cousin had a baby and two cats.

When the baby was an infant, they replaced the door to the nursery with a screen door, so the cats wouldn't go into the nursery but they could keep an eye and ear on the baby.

Now the baby (and his brother) are adults with their own felines and families.

Anonymous said...

Why do people constantly do this??? If I had a child I would NEVER dump my pets unless my child had a serious allergy/asthma problem that made the pets dangerous.

Most of the people who do this are just lazy, selfish and foolish. Giving them up because of a baby without even knowing if there will be a problem is a very poor excuse and one that I reject.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous with cousin - LOVE it, and I put up a screen door in front of my parlour type living room because my rescued kitty contingent has great big claws and the furniture within is damask, velvet and fine carpet. Leaves me with a less sensitive area to entertain relatives and friends who are somewhat allergic. So I tiddlevated the screen door, and it looks gorgeous - well, almost. Kitties rule, yanno.

lakshmi said...

I'm not sure people like the family described in the post should even have children.