Saturday, August 7, 2010

Orange cat weekend: Feline Friends

This week we've brought you some of our wonderful orange/ginger/marmalade/buff/champagne cats for adoption (Fawn, Pym, Tashma -- and wait until you meet Luna)! If you don't like any of ours ... how about Clarence, Dreamy, Chauncy, or Russell? These boys are with Feline Friends, one of our partner organizations.


Dreamy is an affectionate (though shy with new faces) buff one-year-old male that is just looking for the next lap to call his own. At his current foster home he is always running over to the couch hoping for a snuggle. He loves playing and wrestling with the other kitties in his fosterhome and needs a home with a feline companion. He loves to be brushed and his only protest might be that you missed a spot. Dreamy is FIV+, but very healthy and on no medication.


Chauncey was left behind when his family moved. Chauncey is very laid back and he is great with kids! Give him something to eat and a window to look out of and he is a happy boy. We feel he will get along with a dog. He also likes to be brushed.


Clarence is an adorable orange and white tabby, about 2 years old, who was originally found during a feral cat TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) project. The volunteers involved in the project quickly realized Clarence was not feral…he’s incredibly loving and friendly, and must have been a beloved household companion at some point in his life. Clarence is an expert at "making biscuits" and is full of sweet charm. He does bear some scars and marks from his time on the streets…but his personality quickly overcomes his somewhat "rough around the edges" appearance. Clarence is FIV+.


Russell was found as a tiny kitten. The person who took him in decided she no longer wanted him once he wasn’t a tiny kitten anymore, and he was abandoned. Russell is a relaxed boy who likes to sit in the window at his foster person’s house--when not playing with his current foster roommate, Penelope, that is. He would very much like to have a young and playful companion when he finds his forever family

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