Friday, August 6, 2010

orange cat week: Pym

Pym after a play session. Pym is an orangedorable little guy seeking a fun and loving home.

original Pym post

Thanks to Joan F. for the donation and Laura S. for covering Luna's vet visit!


Chelsea said...

What a pretty boy! I love his fur pattern.

Melissa said...

Pym is such a sweetie! I'd take him if my two older cats would ever forgive me (they wouldn't). I see the potential for quite the snuggler, he's very people oriented although still brimming with kitten energy. He'll play fetch with his ball too. Cute! : )

Olivia said...

I picked him up at Treehouse after his neuter surgery and I can vouch for his adorableness!

He is super-duper daughter (age 4) who came along, was really upset that we 'couldn't keep just one kitty for us,' LOL.