Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Sfama (previous post on her, then called Safam) is one of the cutest cats we've had. That punim, those jellybean pawpads! Sfama is spayed (she was six weeks preganant when we found her!), neg/neg, vaxed, and ... I mean really, what else do you need to know? Lookit that fan of whiskers! Those big eyes! She loves cuddling, and likes to be close, but is also good at giving you space. She loves to play with "the bird." She uses her velvet paws to get your attention. She enjoys being pet so much that she will fall off the chair.

She is quiet and rarely meows; we believe she would really like a feline or perhaps canine playmate. She's a petite girl, soft as silk, with a pink pearl nose.


Leslie said...

What a beautiful girl! When I saw her picture, I almost cried! She looks just like my Basia whom I had for "21derful" years! I would love to meet her!

Anonymous said...

Do love those whiskers. This is one of the cutest kitties EVAIR!