Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Alley cats

Don't be shy, guys. Dig right in.

Dinner at the MJK alley. Your donations help us feed these and other outdoor cats.


Ruth said...

What a heart warming picture - they look so healthy and so happy.

lilolady said...

Sigh, we never forget our sweet guys and those two orange wonderpusses remind so much of my Silas. We had a wonderful decade together. He looked me in the eye as I held the door open upon his plaintive meow, and licked his mouth with his so raspy tongue to announce his goodbye. I knew as he left the stoop that he was as grateful for his rescue as I was for his company. RIP my little Silas.

Ruth said...

Silas is a wonderful name for someone who sounds like a wonderful and very fortunate cat!