Monday, August 31, 2009

Bubble Tea cats update

Kiwi, kitten #4, was caught on Saturday and added to the batch of unbearable cuteness below. Everybody is going to the vet this morning. We are still seeking a foster situation for these kittehs, and will be open for adoptions very soon! Remember, reserve your kitteh now!

Tapioca, our mamma cat, resting with all four kittens

Kiwi is the white and black one
Mango is the mostly black one

Coconut is the mostly white one
and Mamma's "mini me" is Avocado

Thanks to Margaret for the recent donation (this will cover our vet visit!), to Katherine for the food, and to Vicky for driving those cats around today!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bubble Tea Cats

Last night a Mamma cat and three (out of four known) kittens were trapped in an alley off 53rd and Drexel. Mamma is a friendly who was all like, "hiss, hello, I'm getting in that trap for that food right now." The kittens then started a round of you-can't-catch-me, which resulted in three being caught by hand (and thrown en masse into a dog carrier) and one stubborn kitten still being outside. We are monitoring the fourth kitten and hope to catch.

Also found was one mellow possum sleeping in the engine of a car we thought they were hiding in -- surprise! You can make out its ear in this picture below. S/he was quite polite and turned her back to us rude intruders.

Mamma cat and three kittens are now inside. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mamma cat, friendly and interested in people, seems like a teen at best. She is very skinny, very very skinny and needs some TLC and a lot of food . She is a beautiful tiger-with-white and we've named her Tapioca. The kittens are skittish but are young enough that, with socialization from people, they should come around to being friendlies as well. They are still nursing although they are big enough to eat kitten food. We're calling them Coconut, Mango, and Avocado. The "missing" kitten is Kiwi. Altogether they're the Bubble Tea cats!

WE NEED A FOSTER HOME. THEY ARE IN A VERY TEMPORARY SITUATION. Please email with any questions or offers.

Thanks to Nikki and Luke for the heroic rescuing, to Arianna for the towels and wet food, and to Ginny for the recent donation.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Megiddo has been frequenting the area around 60th and Ingleside, but doesn't seem to be part of Black and White Cat World (isn't it obvious?). It's not clear if he's a true feral or not -- he'll approach people and even come indoors, and he vocalizes, but became aggressive after being corraled inside. He was captured a few nights ago, was neutered at ACS, and was released by his benefactor, Robert. Maybe the aggression was just fear and we'll see him again soon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cat Cora and Karma find a home

Cat Cora and her son Karma went home today. They were adopted by the vet at Woodlawn Animal Hospital. This very same vet saw the kittens when they were just found, and didn't even charge us for their care. What a home! Doc loves their bold, adventurous personalities--Cora jumped out of her carrier and immediately ran up to greet everyone, then explored the whole office. Iron Mamma and her big boy couldn't be in better hands.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Construction Cat Seeks Home: Cat Cora

Cat Cora (Teen Mom Extraordinaire)

Cat Cora is named after "Iron Chef" Cat Cora (on the Food Network) and because she has some iron in her survivor's soul!

Well, at first we weren't sure what Cora was thinking: She made her nest in the junk heap of a huge construction site. We first caught a glimpse of this long haired black beauty when we lifted some big construction junk out of the way. She hissed and guarded her little ones. We thought she was feral, but BOY WERE WE WRONG! Within hours of being reunited with her kittens in the comfort of her foster human's guest room Cora figured out that domestic life is where it's at! As you can see from her photos, Ms. Cora ADORES her humans. She comes running every time there's petting to be had, and she likes to be carried around like a baby. Maybe it's because she's just a kid herself--we think Cora may be as young as ten months old. We can't say enough good things about our super mom. She uses her litter, keeps her long black fur clean and fluffy, and seems downright grateful to the humans who love her. Cora will be spayed and receive her shots before she goes home. She would love to find a family who wants to adopt her along with her littlest kitten, Connie.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Construction Cat Seeks Home: Connie

Constance is Teh Qte

warning: ridiculously cute kitten pix

Looking for a kitten with an amazing story? Well, when we found poor Connie she was about a week old and had slid out of her nest into the bottom of a trash heap. She was dehydrated and covered with maggots--but calling out with all her strength for some help. It was her little mews that helped to save her whole family. All along she has shown an amazing will to live and has been incredibly precocious despite her small (and extra cute) stature. She was bottle fed for three days until she could be reunited with her mommy, and you can tell: She's the first one to greet her foster human at the door, and she loves to be held. Because she's extra wee, we think she should stay with her cat mommy until at least August 25th so she can nurse as long as she wants. Connie is black with a few silver hairs and little white spot on her chest.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Construction Cat Seeks Home: Kindle

warning: very cute pix ahead

Kindle was the last of the Construction Site Kitties to be rescued. Three days after the first kittens were rescued, a kind construction worker (thanks, Roger!) called us to say he'd found little Kindle lying on a pile of gravel. When we picked her up, she was dehydrated but otherwise ok, and after some sugar water and kitten formula she was as good as new. Kindle is a dark gray/black female with some pretty silver hairs. She looks like she's going to lave a long, angora type coat, and she has her mother's adorable long ear hair. All kittens are cute, but Kindle is, well, extra cute. We're not sure, but it looks like her eyes may stay blue. Kindle is playful but loves her people, too. She's already eating solid food and drinking, so she's ready to go home very soon.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Construction Cats Seek Homes!

Adopt Hyde Park Construction Cats! Our Construction Cats are almost ready to go home! Over the next few days I will post more cute pix and bios. The kittens are all successfully using a litter box, grooming, and eating kitten food. We would prefer either to keep the kittens together (Karma and Kindle, and Connie and Cora) or to find a home which already has a cat companion. Cats like company; it keeps them physically and psychologically healthy. Please email to ask questions or meet the kitties!

We begin with .... KARMA

We hate to perpetuate gender stereotypes, but Karma is such a little dude! He's always been the biggest of his litter. At one week he weighed in at half a pound while his littlest sis only weighed three ounces. Karma is active and playful, and he's always been the first of his crew to try new things--like leaping off the cat condo onto his unsuspecting mom. He is definitely going to be a long-haired fellow. We could pick him out even when he was days old by the wavy hair on his shoulders. He has a wide, flat, tomcat face and a teeny white spot on his chest. Playful Karma would like to be adopted along with one of his sisters. He's ready for a forever home any time.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cat Cora + three

A lovely photo, courtesy of Vicky, of Cat Cora nursing her ... three kittens. I'm sorry to report that Kismet has met an early demise. However, the remaining three kittens are happy and healthy and growing big. Karma, the remaining male, has curly fur! Kindle is a girl (as is Connie). The family made a trip to the vet and received the thumbs-up ("they look wonderful"). Kittens have even started to play and pounce. Remember, reserve your kitten early and avoid disappointment!

Friday, August 7, 2009


One of our fluffy construction kittens with a 3.5-year-old friend. We are busy socializing all these kittens for their forever homes ... Cora is a very tame and friendly cat, not a feral at all, and all the kittens are also regular friendly pet cats. Do you have a white couch that needs some black fur on it?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

tortie returns; orange cat still missing

Tortiecat Evie (see below) returned last night at 1 a.m.; orange cat (see two posts below) is still out there ... keep your eyes peeled!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

missing cat, second one today! added pix

MISSING: EVIE. She is a very small brown tortoiseshell cat, no more than 7 or 8 pounds, spayed, and she has not been declawed. She is very talkative and likes to yowl and chirp. She knows her name, but doesn't necessarily come when called. Slipped out of her building at 61st and Greenwood.

missing cat

Gabe slipped out of the building (corner of 55th and Hyde Park Blvd) somewhere in the past few hours. He is an orange/ginger cat with a stripey tail. He is thin and not in any way aggressive. He is not wearing a collar.

Please email us at with any information or sightings.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So it turns out Cora ("Iron Mama Cat Cora") is a friendly! Thank goodness, since we didn't want to have to return her to the construction site. Cora, a long-haired beauty, enjoys petting, eating wet food, and relaxing. More details as time goes on. We will be seeking a special home for our golden-eyed lovely. Do you want to provide a forever home to this special Hyde Park resident?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Figi meets a friend

Here is Figi in the arms of a three-and-a-half year old friend (20-month-old enthusiastic friend not pictured). He allowed himself to be adored and loved and never showed even a hint of intolerance. Luckily no doll clothes were available or Figi would have been pressed into service as a babydoll, he is that sweet.

Figi is a cat with some special needs: he is deaf and he is FIV positive. Many shelters have decided to place FIV positive and negative cats together, as it is not easily transmitted. Other special needs of Figi: a thousand pets, a lap, some love. He is the sweetest.