Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Construction Cat Seeks Home: Cat Cora

Cat Cora (Teen Mom Extraordinaire)

Cat Cora is named after "Iron Chef" Cat Cora (on the Food Network) and because she has some iron in her survivor's soul!

Well, at first we weren't sure what Cora was thinking: She made her nest in the junk heap of a huge construction site. We first caught a glimpse of this long haired black beauty when we lifted some big construction junk out of the way. She hissed and guarded her little ones. We thought she was feral, but BOY WERE WE WRONG! Within hours of being reunited with her kittens in the comfort of her foster human's guest room Cora figured out that domestic life is where it's at! As you can see from her photos, Ms. Cora ADORES her humans. She comes running every time there's petting to be had, and she likes to be carried around like a baby. Maybe it's because she's just a kid herself--we think Cora may be as young as ten months old. We can't say enough good things about our super mom. She uses her litter, keeps her long black fur clean and fluffy, and seems downright grateful to the humans who love her. Cora will be spayed and receive her shots before she goes home. She would love to find a family who wants to adopt her along with her littlest kitten, Connie.


margaret said...

She *is* extraordinary, and she's clearly a love-bug! Someone must adopt her!!!

Anonymous said...

She's a sweetie, I hope she likes her new food!