Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cat Cora and Karma find a home

Cat Cora and her son Karma went home today. They were adopted by the vet at Woodlawn Animal Hospital. This very same vet saw the kittens when they were just found, and didn't even charge us for their care. What a home! Doc loves their bold, adventurous personalities--Cora jumped out of her carrier and immediately ran up to greet everyone, then explored the whole office. Iron Mamma and her big boy couldn't be in better hands.


Anonymous said...

A wonderful web of giving - from the rescue squad at the construction site, including Roger, to foster mom, to Woodlawn Animal Hospital and the Vet, to the tireless blog mistress and just everyone involved, also including Cat Cora herself with her kitties. I leave a small donation for the warm story I read as sweeter pages could not be construed.

Schmei said...

Yay! Great work!

margaret said...

What great news!! Hooray!!!