Thursday, August 20, 2009

Construction Cats Seek Homes!

Adopt Hyde Park Construction Cats! Our Construction Cats are almost ready to go home! Over the next few days I will post more cute pix and bios. The kittens are all successfully using a litter box, grooming, and eating kitten food. We would prefer either to keep the kittens together (Karma and Kindle, and Connie and Cora) or to find a home which already has a cat companion. Cats like company; it keeps them physically and psychologically healthy. Please email to ask questions or meet the kitties!

We begin with .... KARMA

We hate to perpetuate gender stereotypes, but Karma is such a little dude! He's always been the biggest of his litter. At one week he weighed in at half a pound while his littlest sis only weighed three ounces. Karma is active and playful, and he's always been the first of his crew to try new things--like leaping off the cat condo onto his unsuspecting mom. He is definitely going to be a long-haired fellow. We could pick him out even when he was days old by the wavy hair on his shoulders. He has a wide, flat, tomcat face and a teeny white spot on his chest. Playful Karma would like to be adopted along with one of his sisters. He's ready for a forever home any time.

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margaret said...

Simply adorable. Hi Karma!!!