Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bubble Tea Cats

Last night a Mamma cat and three (out of four known) kittens were trapped in an alley off 53rd and Drexel. Mamma is a friendly who was all like, "hiss, hello, I'm getting in that trap for that food right now." The kittens then started a round of you-can't-catch-me, which resulted in three being caught by hand (and thrown en masse into a dog carrier) and one stubborn kitten still being outside. We are monitoring the fourth kitten and hope to catch.

Also found was one mellow possum sleeping in the engine of a car we thought they were hiding in -- surprise! You can make out its ear in this picture below. S/he was quite polite and turned her back to us rude intruders.

Mamma cat and three kittens are now inside. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mamma cat, friendly and interested in people, seems like a teen at best. She is very skinny, very very skinny and needs some TLC and a lot of food . She is a beautiful tiger-with-white and we've named her Tapioca. The kittens are skittish but are young enough that, with socialization from people, they should come around to being friendlies as well. They are still nursing although they are big enough to eat kitten food. We're calling them Coconut, Mango, and Avocado. The "missing" kitten is Kiwi. Altogether they're the Bubble Tea cats!

WE NEED A FOSTER HOME. THEY ARE IN A VERY TEMPORARY SITUATION. Please email with any questions or offers.

Thanks to Nikki and Luke for the heroic rescuing, to Arianna for the towels and wet food, and to Ginny for the recent donation.

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margaret said...

Tapioca and her kittens are aDORable!!! Great job trapping/grabbing them. I'm very sorry I cannot offer a foster home for them, but I can make a donation. I hope someone can take these cuties in soon...

So funny about the Mr. Mellow, the possum!