Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sheba says Happy Halloween

Yesterday MJK got word from Adrienne, one of our South-of-the-Midway partners in TNR, that there was a black kitten at the corner of 67th and Cornell.  In addition to her concern about the kitten being outside in the cold weather, Adrienne was worried about the potential dangers facing black cats at Halloween (better safe than sorry).  Late last night MJK found the kitten nestled in a bed of leaves under a hedge in the playground at 67th and Cornell.  "Sheba" is safe and warm now, with a full tummy and a comfy bed.  She purrs like a diesel engine and is extremely sweet and affectionate.  She is using the litter box like a pro.  She is probably only two or three months old.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Zimmerman is waiting

Zimmerman is waiting for you to adopt him. Look at him. He's awesome.

Thanks to recent donors Mike H. and Anna F., who wrote: "Happy Feral Cats Day. In honor and in memory of Ursula and Ollie. She was a semi-feral cat who hung around my sister's house with her brother. After he mysteriously disappeared, my sister gradually gained her trust. And now Ursula sleeps on my sister's bed. Thank you Hyde Park Cats for helping ferals."

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Gerdie is a young female who has been living in Washington Park for ... nobody knows. She only has four teeth left (after her recent dental check up and cleaning), which tells us life has been rough. Gertie was originally a TNR project, but trapper/fosterer Adrienne saw something in Gertie that wouldn't let her give up. After a few months, she has filled out, fluffed up, and friendly-fied herself. "She has turned into a real sweetheart," says Adreinen. "She can be pet pretty much everywhere now, we can pick her up, I can get her into a carrier without any problems, and she takes oral antibiotics without a fuss."  

Now the last time we saw Gerdie, we knew her as Janet. The mother of Iris and May, the two kittens found stashed in a gardening shed, Janet-now-Gerdie is too sweet to put back outside, especially before the winter.  Email if you think you might be her person.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Topaz is a gorgeous adult tortoiseshell who was found attempting to get into a building on the southeast side of Hyde Park. A doorman called one of our volunteers, who brought her inside. We believe she was dumped outside, as she had no chip or collar and is clearly friendly. Topaz had a recent bout with liver disease, which might have been caused by eating something toxic during her time outdoors, but she's feeling all better now. She's a lovely and friendly lady who enjoys company, toys, food, sleeping, and hanging out. And look at those mesmerizing green eyes!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Rudy is a gorgeous cat with a lot of spunk. She's an independent lady -- the kind who will sit with you -- when SHE feels like it. Rudy is eleven. Her owner, who loves her very much, has just entered hospice care and we are actively seeking Rudy's next, and we hope last, home.  Please consider or share Rudy so we can put her owner's mind at rest.  Email to find out more.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Meet Brian. This long, lean teenage kitten was found near Washington Park. He's the brightest orange cat you've ever seen. Findermom says he's "super" lovable. He digs snuggling, being held, sleeping in bed with people, and is just generally happy to be indoors after his rough kittenhood on the street. Brian uses the litterbox like a champ.

He is a gentle, people-loving cat with a medium energy level, so we expect that he would do well in a home with children.  He's neutered, neg/neg, and super fun and interactive. He talks back when you say "Brrrrrrrrrian!" He's assertive and bossy with dogs, and he's a bro cat. He'd be in a cat frat if they existed. Email

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy endings Gretchen and Javier

Javier, top, is doing well in his forever home with foreverdad Hiro. Found in a backyard in Pilsen, he's now happily ensconsed in a Hyde Park home with his new dog. Mazel tov and happy life, Javi!

Gretchen, who was found last winter out in the cold, has found her furrever home! Her forevermom, Charmain, wrote in that  "Gretchen is adjusting really well.  She runs and plays through the house now; and I'm quite amazed that she doesn't even hide when I have visitors.  When visitors come she just sits and glares up at them.  Gretchen is a joy to have around--we are a good match for each other." Mazel tov Charmain and Gretchen! Happy life!

Thanks to some recent donors -- our regulars, Mike H. and James M., to Norah O'D, who donated for Topaz' vet bill (more on this), and to Juliet H., who is taking care of some business in Kenwood! And thanks to Kimberly C., and Dawn D. -- happy national feral cat day to YOU!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Look at those swirly stripes!
Yawning and ready for a nap in a box

Grover (named after Cottage Grove, near where he was found) is a very affectionate marbled (or blotched) tabby boy who is estimated to be around 1.5-2 years old.  Grover had been trying to get into a woman's house for a week, and had finally just set up a little nest in the bush outside of her front door. Grover had obviously been in someone's home before and did not know how to be outside and was probably dumped.  Grover is extremely friendly and playful and loves human attention.  He is curious and cuddly and follows foster mom Sarah around the apartment just so he can curl up next to her feet.  The vet referred to him as "a perfect gentleman."

Sarah writes, "He is a curious, affectionate, and friendly cat. He was barely in our apartment for five minutes before he started exploring his new space and trying to meet all of his new fostermoms. For the first few hours he was around he was a ball of energy, and ran all around our space looking for every nook and cranny--and finding every toy. That isn't to say that he doesn't relax, however. While he's not quite a lapcat, he is very cuddly and likes to nap near people. He followed me around the apartment this morning just so he could nap next to my feet! I've attached a couple pictures of him that I took during some of his sleepier moods; when he's wide awake he'd rather lick the camera than pose for it."
Grover is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and looking for a permanent indoor space he can finally call home.  Please email to meet Grover today!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

National Feral Cat Day

October 16th is National Feral Cat Day.

Hyde Park Cats believes strongly in the TNR movement, wherein community caretakers trap feral cats, have them spay/neutered and vaccinated, and then return them to their outdoor homes. We believe communities should actively work to reduce the numbers of homeless domesticated animals, to the benefit not only of the animals but to the people in the community.

We have TNRed dozens of area cats, and found homes for three hundred THATS RIGHT 300 cats, most of whom were living on the streets, most of whom were reproducing and making even more homeless cats.

Thank you to all the folks in Hyde Park and beyond who care for the feral cats, who get up on the snowy days or the muggy summer days to make sure 'their' cats have food and water. Thanks to the trappers who won't give up on that one stubborn old tom who just doesn't realize you are trying to help him. Thanks to the vet techs and the vets at our partner organizations! And thanks to everyone who gives some money to keep the movement going.

Please consider donating some money today to recognize and support our efforts to act locally. Hit the Paypal button there on the side.

If you're new to the idea of feral cats and TNR, Alley Cat Allies is a comprehensive resource.

Monday, October 15, 2012

October AWL Volunteer Day

Volunteer Day at Animal Welfare League's Intake Facility (6224 South Wabash)!  Friday, October 19, 2012.  Because there is limited space for volunteers to interact with the cats and we want to give as many as can an opportunity to participate, this visit will be divided into two shifts: 11:00 a.m - 2:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.  AWL can accommodate 6 volunteers at each shift.

As always, donations to keep AWL going (towels, dish detergent, newspaper, any type of dog or cat food or treats) can be dropped off at Parker's Pets on 55th. 

You must register in order to join us. Please email

Thanks to September AWL volunteers: Kim R., Sarah B., Ginny V., Emily N. and AWL Coordinator Leslie S. Your time made a difference.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Harold is a very affectionate, very curious, and very friendly boy cat who was living outside around the Bronzeville Community Garden at 51st and Calumet. Adrienne, a farmer associated with the market, kept seeing him and noting too that everyone who passed by noted that he was a particularly striking and friendly cat. One day Adrienne saw him gnawing on an old chicken bone, which just broke her heart. So she scooped him up and brought him to PAWS to be neutered and tested.  Adrienne says "he is just so friendly. He's very playful and sweet, and he just wants to climb into your arms. He meows for attention, purrs when you pet him, and loves to rub on ankles and get close to you." 

Harold managed to charm the pants off Adrienne's friend already, so he's not in search of a home, but every Hyde Park Cat must have his or her online day. Three cheers for Adrienne and Harold!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Veronica was found wandering in a neighborhood in Roseland, running up to anyone who would pay attention to her.  She is a friendly, curious, talkative dilute “torbie” (tortie and tabby combo platter) who just loves to be around people.  You can carry on a conversation with her about just about any topic.  She is very expressive, quirky, chatty, and opinionated, and loves to show off playing with her toys.  She has a unique and independent personality, and loves to cuddle on laps and purr like crazy.  Veronica is an adult female and gets along with other cats and is an all-around wonderful, playful, funny companion.  Despite having a minor injury to her right eye which likely happened during her time on the streets, she is healthy and happy and looking for a home. Email!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kieran and Aspen are waiting

Kieran and Aspen keeping warm with resident cat Ernie
Aspen snuggled up with resident Ernie
Kieran and Aspen are still waiting for their forever home!  This brother and sister pair are part of the alley cats a volunteer brought to us this August (see previous post here and check out their siblings here). 

Kieran has really blossomed in his foster home.  He LOVES being petted, anytime and anywhere.   Fostermom has nicknamed him  "Purr-man" as his purr is as loud as a lawnmower!  He loves interacting with the two resident cats and his sister, Aspen.  Aspen is the shierof the two kittens, but loves being wherever the action is.  She is most often found in the room with her foster humans, observing everyone with giant eyes, or snuggled up with resident cats for a nap.

Both of them LOVE to play - they will chase rolling balls, jump on moving feet under blankets, tackle each other and the resident cats, and really love the birdie toy.  

The kittens are healthy and active and ready for their forever home today!  Please email to meet this pair today.

Monday, October 8, 2012


We received an email from Heather in Bronzeville. Her neighbors moved out last month, leaving behind their two cats. The female cat, who had had many litters of kittens, was in very bad shape and the vet recommended putting her down. Above is her kittendaddy, the fella that is left. Heather wrote to us that she and her husband  are desperately seeking a rescue to take him in before the weather changes. They went the extra mile and had him neutered, tested (neg/neg yay!), and even put into boarding while they search. We call him Zimmerman. 

We are in need of a foster or forever home for this armful of lovebug. Email today!

Here is Kitty Zimmerman demonstrating three phases of how much he likes being held.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Annie was TNRd as a feral but immediately let everyone know that she was a friendly little lady who desperately wanted to live inside.  Annie is a young adult (one or two) ginger-colored swirly tabby with bullseye markings on her sides and a sweet little squeaky meow.  She is perpetually purring and loves human attention.  She stands so far up on her back tiptoes when you scratch her back that she practically levitates.  Annie loves catnip and toys and riding around on your back if you’ll let her.  She is cuddly, curious, and gentle, and gets along with other cats.  She loves to be held and carried around and is instantly friendly to everyone.  She is healthy, fully vetted and ready for a home. Email to apply to meet this lovely lady.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Children's Book Fair Event

Every year Hyde Park Cats has an info booth at a wonderful local event, the Children's Book Fair. This year the Fair has moved to Nichols Park, right next door to our good friend Parker and his store: Parker's, A Natural Dog and Cat Market.

We'll be at Parker's crib with some adoptable kittehs and some other treats (home baked!).  See you in the park Sunday, October 7th. Come put some moneys into our donation jar, please!

Please click here for more information on the book fair.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Adoption Roundup

Thanks to everyone on our adoption team, including our wonderful fosterparents, our vet-care coordinator Laura, our foster coordinator Julie, our reference-checker Marilee, our adoption counselors, Treehouse drivers, and our Adoption Coordinator Ainat --  the following lucky cats went home in September:

Egypt (adoption #292)
Penguina (293)
Miriam (294)
Bootsy and Ellis (pair -- 295 and 296)
Maceo and Wesley (pair -- 297 and 298)

All of these cats except Egypt (who was abandoned at the vet's office) were plucked out of alleys and garages south of the Midway around Cottage Grove. 

Mazel tov to all the new families!

Here is a little update on Egypt, from furrrrever mom Christina. I love it when a shy cat can make a bond with that special person who just knows -- just knows -- that this is the right cat:

Egypt is doing very well in her new home! As mentioned before I adopted her, she is taking a little bit to get used to her new environment. Her favorite place thus far has been under my bed. But just this morning when I woke up, instead of fleeing to under my bed like she normally has been doing, she greeted me with a 'meow meow' and stood expectantly by her food bowl when I got her food out. :) And last night when I was on the my laptop, she chose to sit next to me. So she's definitely coming out of her shell. Because she's been so shy I haven't gotten a picture of her and I interacting, but I did get a pic of her sitting near my bed (attached). Thanks so much for the opportunity to adopt such a lovely kitty :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Parsley / Swiss Miss

Adoptable kitten Parsley in his burlesque outfit. Apply today:

And here is a bonus: Parsley's sister Swiss Miss captured in video!

These two stripey cutiepies are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. They are about five months old and waiting for a loving home.

Thank you for some recent gifts from Mike H. and James M., and a special shout out to Melissa: we received a gift from Richard and Carol C.  in honor of her birthday!