Monday, October 8, 2012


We received an email from Heather in Bronzeville. Her neighbors moved out last month, leaving behind their two cats. The female cat, who had had many litters of kittens, was in very bad shape and the vet recommended putting her down. Above is her kittendaddy, the fella that is left. Heather wrote to us that she and her husband  are desperately seeking a rescue to take him in before the weather changes. They went the extra mile and had him neutered, tested (neg/neg yay!), and even put into boarding while they search. We call him Zimmerman. 

We are in need of a foster or forever home for this armful of lovebug. Email today!

Here is Kitty Zimmerman demonstrating three phases of how much he likes being held.

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lilolady said...

Looks like Zimmy got turfed to the curb afte giving a life time of loving.