Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Adoption Roundup

Thanks to everyone on our adoption team, including our wonderful fosterparents, our vet-care coordinator Laura, our foster coordinator Julie, our reference-checker Marilee, our adoption counselors, Treehouse drivers, and our Adoption Coordinator Ainat --  the following lucky cats went home in September:

Egypt (adoption #292)
Penguina (293)
Miriam (294)
Bootsy and Ellis (pair -- 295 and 296)
Maceo and Wesley (pair -- 297 and 298)

All of these cats except Egypt (who was abandoned at the vet's office) were plucked out of alleys and garages south of the Midway around Cottage Grove. 

Mazel tov to all the new families!

Here is a little update on Egypt, from furrrrever mom Christina. I love it when a shy cat can make a bond with that special person who just knows -- just knows -- that this is the right cat:

Egypt is doing very well in her new home! As mentioned before I adopted her, she is taking a little bit to get used to her new environment. Her favorite place thus far has been under my bed. But just this morning when I woke up, instead of fleeing to under my bed like she normally has been doing, she greeted me with a 'meow meow' and stood expectantly by her food bowl when I got her food out. :) And last night when I was on the my laptop, she chose to sit next to me. So she's definitely coming out of her shell. Because she's been so shy I haven't gotten a picture of her and I interacting, but I did get a pic of her sitting near my bed (attached). Thanks so much for the opportunity to adopt such a lovely kitty :)

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