Thursday, August 2, 2012

Miriam is waiting

is my forever person out there?

Maybe in here?

Miriam is a beautiful cat with unusual markings (dilute tabico) and an extraordinarily sweet personality.  She is quiet and calm – and a delight to have around.  Miriam adjusts slowly to change and tends to hide when she is in a new place.  Once she gets used to her new surroundings, she loves to be in the company of her humans, but is also happy to entertain herself.  She is companionable without being needy, self-sufficient without being aloof.    She doesn’t currently show much inclination to be a lap cat, but that could change once she is in a proper home.  Her favorite way to show affection is to rub against your hand or legs and to roll onto her back for a belly rub.  Miriam is about five years old and has soft, silky fur.  Her grooming and litterbox habits are perfect.  Miriam is looking for a quiet home with an understanding adopter willing to give her the extra time that she needs to get over her shyness.  Your patience will be richly rewarded!

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