Monday, August 27, 2012

Swiss Miss and Parsley (2 of Fab 4)

Parsley up for a snuggle

Swiss Miss lounging

Swiss Miss and Parsley are two kittens trapped in Kenwood over the summer, siblings of Kieran and Aspen.

Swiss Miss is a thoughtful philosopher of a kitten. She has slightly shaggy fur, longer and a touch more wild-looking than her littermates. This little girl will play, especially with cat-and-mouse stalk and ambush games, but that is not where the magic lies for her. She is a cuddler and a lover. She adores scratches and rubs, and will literally melt into a cuddle position, and then turn to gaze up into your eyes.

Her brother Parsley has a high opinion of himself and requires a bit of space and respect, but quickly learns to accept your petting and playtime. After some introductory time to adjust, he quickly relaxes and enjoys sitting on a lap.  Email us at to meet either pair of kittens today!

Thanks to Amy for the donation of some cool cat supplies and to Mike for the carrier. Mike, we wish you and Madison all the best in your journey.

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