Tuesday, August 7, 2012

AWL Volunteer Day

These kittens were surrendered to AWL and need rescue.

*VOLUNTEER DAY at ANIMAL WELFARE LEAGUE* this Friday, August 10: we have spaces open if you would like to participate. Email hydeparkcats@gmail.com for details.

Animal Welfare League (62nd and Wabash) is an open-door facility mere minutes away from Hyde Park. The facility is unable to do adoptions, so all animals brought there need to be "pulled" by a rescue. Our visits to AWL work directly to help cats get "pulled" by socializing and grooming them. You can hug the cats, pet the cats, brush the cats, play with the cats. This will be the only time the cats spend out of their cage during that day (and perhaps longer).

WISH LIST: The shelter always needs clean towels (used is great), newspaper, dish detergent and of course cat/dog food of any type. Donations can be brought with you or you can drop them off at Parker's, a Natural Dog & Cat Market on 55th St.

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