Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Dovy is a young male cat, brown tabby with white, with adorable black spots on his pink nose, about five months old but very thin. He was found on the street by someone who couldn't keep him. The finder brought Dovy to Treehouse while one of our star volunteers was there with some other Hyde Park Cats. Treehouse is currently overwhelmed with cats, so they couldn't take him. But after one look at this little charmer, she was smitten and decided to bring him back to Hyde Park.

She writes, "Dovy is one chill dude. He is extremely affectionate and loves to sit on my lap, purring like crazy. He will be going to Treehouse for his neuter surgery and shots on Saturday. Meanwhile, I am happy to report that he tested negative. Dovy is a wonderful cat who will make someone very happy."

To meet the little charmer we call Dovy after his finder, email us today at

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