Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jelly Bean and Gummi Bear

I realized today that I never posted about my most recent foster kittens, Jelly Bean and Gummi Bear. 

Jelly Bean and Gummi Bear are a girl-boy tiger/white sibling pair. They were found living under a porch in Bridgeport (a neighborhood to our north) and followed a caring person (Linda!) all the way home. Jelly Bean and Gummi Bear are regular sweet and playful kittens who like to play with toys, snuggle, and explore. They enjoy the company of other cats, have lived with a dog, and are child-friendly. They kept my little gals entertained for a quick couple days and then ... they were adopted. But every Hyde Park Cats cat must have its day on the blog.

Jelly and Gummi are now Raisin and Pizza, living it up with their new little girl. We love and miss you, baby kittens! Happy life!


Linda Ng said...
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Linda Ng said...

I was wondering when they would be featured!