Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kieran and Aspen (2 of Fab 4)

Thanks to a community volunteer, we recently acquired four young kittens who were born in an alley in Hyde Park. All four kittens are gray/ brown tabbies, weighed about 2.5 pounds, and are currently about twelve-sixteen weeks old. They have progressed a lot in the past few weeks in foster homes, from scared little fluff balls to playful sleek kittens!

As per our usual policy, we have split the four kittens up into two pairs, and will be placing them as pairs into their forever homes. Meet Pair One: Kieran and Aspen.

Keiran is extremely bold, adventuresome and is constantly seeking new horizons. Playtime is his specialty. He is bold, exploring the foster house outside of his safe bedroom and running right up to the resident cats. He loves the laser mouse, the bird toy, and any strings around. His littermate Aspen is named for her snowy coat.   When approached with food, she eagerly gets up and without hesitation will advance to nibble out of your hand. She is quick and sensitive; she appreciates gentle advances and nuzzling for a nap on a belly or in your neck.  She has recently revealed she too loves to chase the laser!

All four kittens have been neutered/spayed and microchipped, and will get their booster shots this week.  Look for a blog post on their siblings, Swiss Miss and Parsley, next.  To meet either of these adorable pairs, email

Thanks to Jodi for the donation of cat food and treats!

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